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Courses for College Success

The Counseling Division is happy to offer a variety of classes to help you achieve college success.

Here's a sampling of our Counseling (CNSL) and Career Life Planning (CRLP) courses, including numbers, titles, and descriptions. Also see our Counseling Course Catalog online for currently offered courses.

For comprehensive, up-to-date information on all Foothill classes, please refer to the online schedule of classes.

CNSL 1: College Success (3 Units)

Examination of factors that contribute to college success, including responsibility/control; competition; task-precision; expectations; wellness; time management; college involvement; family/support systems involvement. Activities include: testing and individualized evaluations; group processing and practicum.

CNSL 5: Introduction to College (1 Unit)

Orientation to Foothill College academic policies, resources, programs and services; introduction to California systems of higher education; formulation of educational plan.

Note: All CNSL 5 classes meet the first six weeks of the quarter unless otherwise noted. It is recommended that the student complete math and English assessments before entering the CNSL 5 classes.

CNSL 8/8H: Transfer Readiness (1 Unit)

Learn to choose a college or university; prepare academically; apply and use counselors and transfer programs to enhance transfer eligibility.

CNSL 53: Effective Study (3 Units)

Approaches to college learning, including diagnosis of difficulties and a development of new skills.

CNSL 72: Effective Study (3 Units)

Explore and become familiar with symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Examine the social and psychological factors that contribute to these problems and the patterns of behavior which result. Learn, practice, and understand effective coping strategies to promote self-awareness, personal wellness, and academic success. Emphasis placed on mental health and application of self-help skills.

CNSL 86: Introduction to Leadership (1 Unit)

Introduction to the dynamics of working groups and the impact of leadership on the effectiveness of groups; examination of the linkage between concepts and theories of leadership to the everyday functioning of student organizations; understand the role played by structure and governance models in organizational effectiveness.

CNSL 90: Introduction to Online Learning (1 Unit)

This course covers concepts, tools and techniques for success in on-line learning. Through self-assessment, On-line interaction, and use of the various tools and resources of the Internet the student will develop an understanding of the skills needed to be successful when engaging in on-line instruction.

CNSL 275: EOPS: The Road To College Success — More Than Just Books (1 Unit)

Course will introduce EOPS/CARE students to various EOPS services, policies and requirements governing programs. Course encourages collaborative learning, educational attainment, promotes student retention, persistence, success. Topics included: financial aid/scholarship applications, identifying campus resources, budgeting and managing money, cultural identity and experiences, goal-setting, self-esteem, career options, managing time.

Note: This course is designed for EOPS students.

CRLP 7: Self-Assessment (4 Units)

Exploration of individual skills, interests, values, and personality style as they relate to career choice. Includes testing, values clarification, skills identification, lifestyle assessment, decision making and goal-setting techniques.

CNSL 55: Lifelong Learning Strategies (3 Units)

Interactive, applied course to teach learning strategies and skills necessary to successfully reach educational, career and personal objectives. Topics include time management, memory techniques, study reading, note taking, test preparation, other learning strategies and the techniques to apply them in college and throughout life.

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