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Financial Aid

Get Help Paying For College

What Is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money that is given, paid or loaned to you to help pay for your college education or vocational training.

Fall Hours (Sept. 26-Oct. 7)

Visit us in Building 8100 or contact by phone during business hours.

In-Person Hours

Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m.–Noon.  Note: Starting Oct. 14, Friday in-person services will move to virtual.

Virtual Hours

Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m.–3 p.m. 

Please note: Physical office hours may vary on any given day based on COVID conditions.  

Need Assistance? 

Welcome to our New Virtual Financial Aid Front Desk  

The Foothill Financial Aid Office is now open with Virtual Front Desk services. Now you can connect with financial aid staff and have your general financial aid questions answered instantly without the wait of an email response. 

To ZOOM into the Financial Aid Virtual Front Desk, simply click on the button below during the following times: 


Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m.- 2 p.m., excluding holidays.

Please note: Our Virtual Front Desk will be closed the following days:


click here to join the virtual front desk


CALL:  +1 669 900 6833 (US TOLL) OR +1 408 638 0968   (US TOLL) 

ENTER MEETING ID: 950 9399 0790

Our financial aid management system is getting a makeover!

If you use the foothill.verifymyfafsa.com system, we've made some changes as of April 30 — with a new link at foothill.studentforms.com.

You'll find . . .

  • A new, more modern look and user interface
  • Improved performance, usability, and accessibility
  • The 'foothill.verifymyfafsa.com' url has changed to foothill.studentforms.com.

Questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office - fhfinancialaidoffice@fhda.edu | 650-949-7245 | Building 8100, Foothill Main Campus.


COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds

Important updates regarding COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds

If you are a current Foothill student and have expenses related to COVID-19, you can submit an Emergency Relief Fund Request.

Once you submit your request, it will be determined if you meet the qualifications to receive an emergency relief fund award. If you do meet the qualifications and funds are available, your award will be processed within 1 to 2 weeks.

Current qualifications to receive emergency relief funds at Foothill:

  • All students can apply, including undocumented and international students



  • Have one or more of the following:
    1.  Housing needs due to the impact of COVID-19
    2. Food needs due to the impact of COVID-19
    3. Require assistance to cover tuition and/or student fees due to the impact of COVID-19
    4. Require assistance to cover textbooks due to the impact of COVID-19
  • Be enrolled at least half-time status (6+ units) at Foothill during Summer 2022 and/or Fall 2022
      • On February 4th, Foothill Administrators agreed to allow De Anza units to be taken into consideration when awarding Foothill Emergency Relief Funds.
        If you want your De Anza units combined with your Foothill units, please fill out a Revision Request Form.  Email completed forms to Kerry Bahadur at  .
        NOTE: For Foothill Emergency Relief Funds, you do NOT need to fill out the Revision Request Form to request that your Foothill and De Anza units be combined if:
        1. You are already enrolled in 12+ units at Foothill; Or
        2. You are already enrolled in 6-11.9 units at Foothill and adding your De Anza units won’t increase your total unit count to 12+ units. 


  • Students who complete a 2022-2023 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and are eligible for a federal Pell Grant may qualify for larger amounts of housing and food assistance.
  • The number of units in which you enroll will determine how much of your emergency relief fund grant you receive each quarter.

*12+ units = 100% of the grant 

*6-11.9 units = 50% of the grant

*Less than 6 units = 0% of the grant

If you have any questions, email the Foothill Financial Aid Office at fhfinancialaidoffice@fhda.edu. Please be aware that we do not have access to students’ Emergency Relief Fund Request Forms so will not be able to tell you the status of your form unless an award has been posted for you.

Foothill College Promise—Get Two Years College Free

First-time, full-time students are eligible to have the cost of tuition, fees and *textbooks waived for their first TWO years through the Foothill College Promise. (*Note: starting fall 2021, free textbooks will ONLY be available to students participating in eligible learning communities.)

To get started, apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application.

Then learn more about other types of financial aid available for Foothill College students!

Note: Foothill Promise is offered for the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters only. It is not applicable for Summer quarter classes.

GREAT NEWS STARTING FALL 2020! - If you drop below full-time status, you will not lose Foothill Promise eligibility for the following quarters you are eligible.

Pell Grant Book Charging Program

If you’ve been awarded a Pell Grant at Foothill, you are eligible to use it as a payment type to buy your books at the Foothill College Bookstore website for each quarter.

Students may charge up to 50% of their available Pell (1st payment amount only).

Your student ID number will be required to make a financial aid purchase on the website during the final checkout.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive textbook and/or course material coverage through other campus programs, such as EOPS, Puente, Umoja, VRC or DRC, make sure to use those "vouchers" first so that you can get the maximum amount of Pell Grant money refunded directly to you each quarter.

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Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

About the Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program that will provide a discount of up to $50 per month towards broadband service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers if they contribute more than $10 and less than $50 toward the purchase price.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount per household.


Who is Eligible for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program?

A household is eligible if a member of the household meets one of the criteria below:

  • Has an income that is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participates in certain assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline;
  • Approved to receive benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision in the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 school year;
  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year;
  • Experienced a substantial loss of income due to job loss or furlough since February 29, 2020 and the household had a total income in 2020 at or below $99,000 for single filers and $198,000 for joint filers; or
  • Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating provider's existing low-income or COVID-19 program.
When Can I Sign Up for the Benefit?

As of May 12, 2021, eligible households will be able to enroll in the program to receive a monthly discount off the cost of broadband service from an approved provider. Eligible households can enroll through an approved provider or by visiting https://getemergencybroadband.org.

Check out the Broadband Benefit Consumer FAQ for more information about the benefit.


Which Broadband Providers Are Participating in the Emergency Broadband Benefit?

Various broadband providers, including those offering landline and wireless broadband, are participating in the Emergency Broadband Benefit. Find broadband service providers offering the Emergency Broadband Benefit in your state or territory. 

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