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Resources for Students in Online Courses

Before the Quarter Starts...

What do you need when you're off campus? Resource Contact
Quick answers about Foothill College ASK Foothill  (650) 949-7325
Am I ready to take an online course? Student Readiness Questionnaire  (650) 949-7446
What's it like to be an online student? A Week in the Life of an Online Student  (650) 949-7446
Tutorials to prepare for taking an online course Quest for Success  (650) 949-7446
List of degrees available as fully online Online Degrees  (650) 949-7423
Details about specific online course sections Course Info  Instructor
Quick answers about what courses to take Academic Counseling  (650) 949-7423
Talk with an academic counselor Academic Counseling sessions  (650) 949-7423
Find an online course that's not offered at Foothill OEI Course Exchange  (650) 949-6187
Placement testing Placement Testing Services (650) 949-7743
Help with registration A&R Help Form (650) 949-7325
Troubleshoot MyPortal problems MyPortal (650) 949-7325
Waive optional student fees Optional Fee Waiver Request (650) 949-7331
Student forms Forms (650) 949-7325
Get an Add Code Request Add Code (650) 949-7325
Get a refund MyPortal (650) 949-7331
Videos about Financial Aid Financial Aid TV 24/7 Channel (650) 949-7245
Fulfill orientation requirement for matriculation


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(650) 949-7423
Tutorials about skills for college success StudentLingo (650) 949-7423
Find out my GPA GPA Calculator (650) 949-7423
Order my textbooks Bookstore online ordering (650) 949-7305
How to handle stress of college Kognito Online Training (650) 949-7910
Career planning Career Services Online Resources (650) 949-7423
Quick information about the Library Ask a Librarian 6506459455 text
Help Desk about accessibility Accessibility Center (650) 949-7017

After the Quarter Starts...

What do you need when you're off campus? Resource Contact
Log in to my online course in Canvas Canvas (650) 949-7446...
Access to Canvas on my smartphone Canvas Mobile App  
Orientation to Canvas Canvas Student Orientation  
24/7 Tech help with Canvas Canvas Support Hotline (877) 930-1173
Illustrated instructions for using Canvas Canvas Guides  
Video guides about using Canvas Canvas Guides - Videos  
Contact my instructors Faculty Directory (650) 949-7777
Convert documents to accessible format Disability Resource Center (650) 949-7017
Get textbook in accessible format Alternative Media Request (650) 949-7017
Journal, magazine, or newspaper articles Off-campus Library Services (650) 949-7611
Check my paper for plagiarism Turnitin - in your Canvas course.................... Instructor
Correct name pronunciation NameCoach Instructor
Proctored testing services Proctorio - in your Canvas course Instructor
24/7 live tutoring services NetTutor - in your Canvas course Instructor
Live tutoring for computer science STEM Success Center (650) 949-7042
Live interaction with my instructor ConferZoom and VoiceThread
- in your Canvas course............
View my grades MyPortal (650) 949-7325
Order transcripts Transcripts (650) 949-7325
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Students: 877-930-1173

Faculty: 833-300-3461

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