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Alternative Media

Alternative media is any instruction related material which is converted or altered from its original state into a different format so it is accessible and usable by people with disabilities.

Types of Alternative Media Include:

  • Electronic text
  • Audio books
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Tactile graphics

To Qualify for Alternative Media, you Must:

  1. Be registered with DRC as a student with a disability
  2. Be referred by a DRC counselor
  3. Meet with our Accommodations Coordinator

Requesting Alternative Media:

** Students with Print Disabilities including Specific Learning Disabilities, Blindness/Visually Impairments, and Physical Disabilities are qualified for these free services:

  • Learning Ally allows students to download audio books for free.
  • Bookshare enables students to get access to free electronic books
Other Alternative Media Requests:
  • Fill out the Alternative Media Request Form
  • Upload the Proof of Purchase (I.e. receipt) for all requested material. (Email and/or in-person delivery is accepted)

Delivery of Alternative Media

  • The alternative media for your classes will be delivered electronically, in the format that you indicated in your Alternative Media Request Form.
  • Often students will use Assistive Technology (AT) to assist them in reading and studying electronic versions of printed materials.  If you are interested in AT refer to our webiste Computer Access Center and Assistive Technology.

Need more information on Alternative Media Services, please contact Bidya Subedi (Accommodations Coordinator) at or 650.949.7673


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