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Apply and Register

1. Apply to Foothill

~ NOTE ~

The application and registration process for online classes is the SAME as that for "in-person" classes.

First, you must apply for admission if you have not already done so, clear a prerequisite, if needed, then register for classes.

Apply for Admission

After you apply you must wait until your application has been processed before you can register for classes.

The wait is usually about a day during registration.

2. Before you register for classes

Visit the Foothill website for important dates. After you receive your Student ID:

  1. Contact Counseling - Academic advising help
  2. Clear prerequisites - Before you register for a class make sure to clear any prerequisites that it may have
  3. Financial Aid - Learn more at the Foothill website
  4. Online Degrees & Certificates - Browse fully online degrees and certificates
  5. Search the Class Schedule. To find fully online courses make sure to select the "Additional Class Search Filters" drop-down then check the button next to Online (W).

    Additional Class Search Filters circled and arrow pointing to Oniline button.

  6. Get more detailed information about the course

    What is the difference between a fully online course and a hybrid course?

    A fully online course takes place online without requiring you to come to campus. In the schedule you will see a W at the end of the section number indicating that the course is fully online.

    A hybrid course takes place online AND on campus. In the schedule you will see a Y at the end of the section number.

    For example:

    ACTG 001A.08W (ACTG F001A08W) is a fully online class because there is a "W" at the end of the section number.

    For details, contact the instructor.

3. Register for Classes

You must log into MyPortal to register for classes.

  • Log in using your 8-digit, Student (College Wide) ID or CWID. You'll use a temporary password to log in the first time. To be prepared, see the First-time Login Guide available on the MyPortal login page for more information.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet, you may update your mailing and email addresses at the Admissions and Records office.
  • Does your course have prerequisites?

    Find out how to clear prerequisites

  • Registration Process - Learn step-by-step how to register for a course, how to get on the waitlist, and how to request an add code.

Late Registration

To register for a course AFTER the quarter has started, you must request an Add Code.

How do I request an Add Code?

If you receive the error message that it is "not your day to register" when attempting to complete the late-registration process to add a course, it may mean that you have not yet submitted an application for the quarter. If you did not take classes the previous quarter, you are not considered a "continuing student." Before you can add a course to your schedule, you must apply for admission to the college.


Reminder: Payment in full is due immediately at the time of registration.

For information on tuition and fees, see the page maintained by Foothill Admissions & Records: Explanation of Student Fees & Fee Schedule.

The Student ID Card Fee, Student Representation Fee are not required and are voluntary. The Campus Center Use Fee can be reduced to $10 for students who are only enrolled in classes that meet off-campus (including fully online courses) and who live outside of the district service area. Call the Cashier's Office to request to have these fees waived and/or reduced: (650) 949-7331.

Looking for more classes?

Check out the Online Course Exchange search tool provided by California Community Colleges.

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