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Add/drop an online course

~ NOTE ~

Once the quarter has started you will be able to add or drop the course. To add a course you must request an Add Code which you will use to register for the course.

1. Request an Add Code

If the course you are interested in is closed, you can request an Add Code for late registration starting on the first day of classes (not any earlier).

To register for a course after the quarter has started you must request an Add Code from the instructor, however, some instructors choose not to issue any add codes.

Log in to MyPortal to request an add code

You must log in to MyPortal to request an Add Codes for fully online  courses.

  1. Log into MyPortal
  2. Select Apps located in the navigation menu
  3. In the Students area and select Add Request for Foothill Online Learning icon Arrow pointing to Add Request for Foothill Online Learning icon
  4. Choose a term
  5. Select the course(s) you want to add using the checkboxes on the left
  6. Scroll to the top of the page and select Request to Add Selected Courses to submit your request for an Add Code.
  7. You will see a confirmation of your request: "Request Sent! Thank you!"
  8. The instructor of each course you selected will be notified of your request.

NOTE: You may not see the course you want on this list if the instructor does not want students to use the Request to Add feature in MyPortal.

If the course is partially online or is hybrid, contact the instructor directly to get an Add Code. To find contact information for the instructor, please consult the Campus Directory.

What happens next?

If you receive a confirmation email with an Add Code, follow the instructions to "Register with an Add Code" below.

example of add code confirmation email

Example of confirmation email for Add Code request.

If you do NOT receive an email with an Add Code, then the instructor has decided not to give you an Add Code.

2. Register with an Add Code

When can I register using my Add Code?

  • Fully online course (W at the end of the section number) - First day of the quarter through the add period
  • Hybrid or in-person course - First day the class meets in person through the add period

How long is the add period?

  • Fall through Spring quarter - First two weeks of the quarter
  • Summer quarter - First week only

How do I register using an Add Code?

To find detailed instructions you can go to the add and drop classes page. Below is a summary of the instructions.

  1. Log into MyPortal
  2. Select Apps located in the navigation menu
  3. In the Students area and select the Student Registration tile

     Student Registration

  4. In the Registration Tools section select Add or Drop Classes link
  5. Select the Term and then Submit
For Students who are NOT on the Waitlist
  1. Enter the five-digit class CRN into the Add Classes Worksheet at the bottom of the screen. If you are on the course's waitlist, read the instructions below.
  2. Click Submit Changes button. A screen to enter the add code will pop up. Follow the instructions.
For students who are on the Waitlist

The instructor does not have to issue Add Codes to people on the waitlist once the quarter has started, though, some do. It is best to request an Add Code even if you are on the waitlist.

  1. From the Action drop down next to waitlisted class, select Web Registered.
  2. Click Submit Changes button.
  3. A screen to enter the Add Code will pop up. Follow the instructions.

Reminder: Payment in full is due immediately at the time of registration.

Drop a course

There are several ways to drop a course during the drop period. Follow the steps listed in "How to Drop a Class" section on the Add & Drop Classes page.

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