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STEM Scholarships

STEM Scholarships

Scholarships provide students with opportunities to attend college, advance their knowledge and skills for workforce preparedness, and help them prepare for both academic opportunities and financial challenges after transfer.

You can apply for Foothill College sponsored scholarships and scholarships offered through outside organizations.

Tips and Strategies

Internet Search

First, SLI is keeping a running spreadsheet of scholarship and internship opportunities and deadlines by month. This is a dynamic sheet, so bookmark it in your browser and come back from time to time.

Another good start for finding STEM internships is to do an internet search with the following key terms:

  • "STEM scholarships for community college students"
  • "undergraduate student scholarships in STEM"
  • "STEM scholarships for x group" (x = any specific identity such as "women," "Latino/a/x," or "Black/ African American")
Online Guides

Scholarship Listings

Foothill College Opportunities

There are resources at Foothill that are a good place to start:

Foothill College Scholarship Amount # of awards Notes Deadline
Angel Memorial Scholarships  $500.00  2 Chemistry, financial need  Check again Feb 2022
Ann Davis Memorial Scholarship  $500.00  1 Allied Health program, overcome hardship Check again Feb 2022
Association of Women in Science  $1,000.00  1 women in STEM Check again Feb 2022
Biological Science/ Health Science Scholarship  $500.00  4 strong commitment to STEM (bio/health sciences) Check again Feb 2022
Business/ Computer Science Scholarship $500.00  4 majoring in business or CS Check again Feb 2022
CIO Community of Practices Scholarship   $1,000.00  1 pursuing IT, CS, related bachelor's, financial need   Check again Feb 2022
Foothill Cutler Myo Min Family STEM Scholarship  $1,000.00  1 strong academics, STEM major, financial need Check again Feb 2022
Deborah M. Dexter Scholarships in Science  $1,000.00  2 associate degree for transfer in core science (bio, phys, chem), financial need and interest in teaching science  Check again Feb 2022
Environmental Horticulture Scholarships  $500 1,200.00  3 enrolled in horticulture program Check again Feb 2022
Galin Family Math Scholarship   $1,000.00  1

math major, intent to transfer


Check again Feb 2022
Galina Family Scholarship   $1,500.00  10 health care, Allied Health programs, financial need Check again Feb 2022
Marisol Lopez Scholarship Endowment for Dental Assisting   $1,000.00  1 dental assisting program Check again Feb 2022
Workforce/Career Scholarship  $500-1000  5 rad tech, vet tech, financial need Check again Feb 2022
Yelena Chianurov Scholarship Endowment for Dental Hygienists   $1,000.00  1 dental hygiene program, financial need Check again Feb 2022
International Scholarship for STEM Majors $1,000.00  1 STEM and giving back to community  Check again Feb 2022
Prip Memorial Scholarship - Merit  $500-1000  varies physics - selection by physics faculty 4/16/21
Prip Memorial Scholarship - Obstacles  $500-1000  varies physics, passion for STEM, overcame obstacles 4/16/21
External Opportunities

Here are some websites to check out for listings of scholarships:

And here are some specific scholarships that may be of interest to STEM students.

Name of Scholarship Description Deadline
Latinos in Technology Scholarship

For Latino(a) students who have a declared major in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related field 

Silicon Valley Foundation scholarships listing of scholarships for students by different criteria varied by opportunity
Google scholarships listing of scholarships by different identity groups varied by opportunity
BHW Scholarship women in STEM undergraduate or graduate study April
Microsoft Tuition scholarships for STEM students in 4 year college or university STEM scholarships for women scholarships for women in STEM and other related resources April

STEM Resources & Opportunities

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