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Emerging Technologies Institute

Renewable Energy Technologies Lab

Welcome to the Foothill College Renewable Energy Technologies (REtech) Lab 

Stop by and learn how Renewable Energy sources provide a sustainable future for all of Earth’s denizens.  

REtech Lab Location 

STEM Center Room 4204 

Scope of the REtech Lab 

The REtech Lab is used as a space for the following activities: 

  • Explore Renewable Energy and Sustainability technologies 
  • Use as a test lab for your project
  • Share information across campus 
  • Provide training for all Foothill College students, faculty, and staff.
  • Support curriculums related to Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Provide Reneable Energy exhibits and demos in both the Los Altos Hills and Sunnyvale Foothill College campuses 
  • Provide exhibits and demos for Foothill College events, such as the Possible Self Experiential - Day On The Hill event

The REtech Lab, along with six other Technology Labs, plus the ProtoLab (Prototype Lab), make up the Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI) group of labs.

Learn about all the ETI labs here.

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Energy & Sustainability Technologies Lab Questions?
Contact Me!

Robert Cormia, Renewable Energy Lab Advisor



Contact Our ETI Coordinator Team

Zach Cembellin, Interim Dean, STEM Division

Konstantin Kalaitzidis, STEM Center Program Coordinator

Email: eti@fhda.edu

Phone: 650.949.7236

STEM Division Office: 4118