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Summer SLI Internships

SLI provides internship opportunities for Foothill College students during the summer. Stipends are provided through the generous support of SLI donors and allow students to pursue these opportunities, no matter one's financial situation.

Opportunities for summer 2022 will be posted in winter quarter. 

In the meantime, check out the following for what happened in summer 2021:

Summer Lunch STEM Seminar Series

This was a series of four sessions in July and August 2021 on professional development topics to further prepare you for the workforce.

Link to view topics and recordings

Student Final Report Journal


Student interns each composed a one page journal report to document their internship. Read through to see the range of internship placements as well as about the student interns themselves. 

Link for Final Report Journal

Flyers from last summer's opportunities

Students who participate in the SLI STEM Summer Internship program should be aware of the following guidelines:


  • Enrollment in ITRN 50 or 51 (depends on projected number of hours of internship).
  • Course tuition will be covered by the Science Learning Institute or your financial aid.
  • A program orientation for the summer internship program in late June with the Science Learning Institute. Some placements also require additional meetings, sessions, and professional development.
  • Submission of a final report of your internship experience at the end of the summer.
  • Part-time weekly commitment for 8 - 12 weeks. Duration and weekly commitment varies for each placement.


  • All placements require some kind of minimal coursework depending on the relevant discipline.
  • Applicants should be full time Foothill College students majoring in a STEM discipline.
  • Priority is given to
    • Students with demonstrated financial need, who have not previously had an internship or company experience, and who have the intent to transfer.
    • First time degree earners (no prior degree such as a Bachelor’s or Associate)


  • Scholarship/ stipend provided through the Science Learning Institute
  • Work-based learning and experience to add to your skillset and resume
  • Mentoring and support from your placement and from the Science Learning Institute

Application Process

  • Each placement has a different application associated with it - this is to be able to allow students to focus on making their case for each company or institution.
  • Some internship placements may require uploading a resume and/or participating in an interview.
  • Pay close attention to the application process and fill in all necessary forms.

Questions? Email the SLI Director

How to Apply

All internships offered by SLI that have a stipend can be found at https://fhda.academicworks.com/ (directly through the link or see the AcademicWorks tile in MyPortal. Search for "SLI."

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