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SLI is provides work-based learning opportunities for students during the school year. See below for internship opportunities.

2021-22 School Year Opportunities

SLI - USRA STEM Engagement at NASA Ames Research Center (fall and winter)

SLI is partnering with Universities Space Research Association (USRA), an independent, nonprofit research corporation, to offer paid internships at NASA Ames Research Center during the 2021-22 school year.

The internships range in technical areas of Aeronautics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Analytics.

The internships are open to Foothill College students and offered part time during the school year and full time during the summer. The students will work alongside USRA and NASA PI (s) at the NASA Ames Research Center. The aim is to encourage students, specially from underrepresented groups, to continue their education in Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) fields within government, academia, or industry.

Students will receive a scholarship from SLI and a stipend from USRA for their participation in this internship.


Student Eligibility

  • U.S. citizens only (this may change for the future)
  • Have taken 12 units in STEM courses previously and are primarily a Foothill College student.
  • Enrolled in 6 units for fall at Foothill.
  • Priority given to students who demonstrate financial need, have not had previous internship, are aiming to transfer, and are first time degree earners.


  • Average 20 hours a week, online internship
  • Sign up for ITRN course (paid for by SLI)
  • Participate in internship and ongoing support provided by SLI.

Fall 2021

  • Opportunity for fall 2021 has closed

Winter 2022

Two interns will be selected for the winter 2022 internship with USRA-NASA for two separate projects:

  •  Earth Data Visualization using WorldWind in the area of high performance computing. The internship aims to gain insights into WorldWind platform and understand the deployment of a visualization service based on it. The focus will be on designing efficient server and client sides for visualization. The task will showcase a wildfire dataset over CONUS (Continental US) from 2018 to present. The intern will:
    • Develop a WorldWind based web app running on a Kubernetes instance.
    • Prepare show case dataset to fit the WorldWind criteria to load and visualize.
    • Set up an efficient backend data server to match the needs of WorldWind platform.
    • Possible improvements for user-experience in the built visualization.
    • Preferred Qualifications:
      • Web Design skills (html, javascript, css)
      • Backend skills (Databases and Cache: SQL) Cloud Computing (Kubernetes)
      • Programming Language including but not limited to Python and/or Java.
  • Post-Wildfire Flooding in the area of high performance computing. The objective of this internship is to develop a fine-tuned precipitation dataset from a new generation of radar data and match its spatial and intensity patterns to nationally operational radars. The intern will:
    • Retrieve new and operational radar data
    • Pre-process both datasets.
    • Apply a statistical and/or machine learning method to adjust the distributions.
    • Measure the task success by calculating statistical metrics and visual comparisons.
    • Visualize the data in a user-friendly format.
    • Preferred Qualifications:
      • Strong mathematical and statistical skills
      • Programming languages including but not limited to Python, R, MATLAB.
      • Data visualization experience is desired.
      • Earth science background is a plus.

For more information: flyer and program descriptions for both projects. 

How to Apply

There is a two part process for applying. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review. 

  1. Through Handshake: The application link is available in Foothill's Handshake portal. This will require you to upload a resume and cover letter. Here is a preview of the postings (project 1 and project 2).
    1. Log into MyPortal.
    2. Click on the Handshake tile to access the Handshake app.
    3. Search for "USRA" to find these two opportunities.
    4. Review the postings and then submit your application which includes a cover letter and resume through the Apply button.
  2. Through Academic Works: Use this link to fill out the additional application which will require information relevant for the hiring committee. 

Deadline to apply: Monday, October 25, 2021

SLI STEM Micro-Internship (winter)

The Foothill Science Learning Institute STEM Micro-Internship program is a paid opportunity for Foothill College students to work closely with a mentor from a local higher education institution in a short-term, discrete research project for the winter quarter. The goals of the micro-internship are as follows: Foothill College students will

  • Gain insight into what lab and institutional research entails.
  • Work closely with a mentor to explore academic and professional goals.
  • Gain research skills such as reading scientific articles, analyzing data, benchwork, and researching databases.

Mentors are recruited from local universities such as Stanford and San Jose State and are graduate students, post doctorate fellows, and staff who have all made a commitment to mentor a student for a quarter (11 weeks), supporting them in a short-term research project that relates to their work.

Mentor Commitment

(for grad students, post-doc fellows, research institution staff)

  • Commit 3 – 4 hours a week for 11 weeks, setting students up for success and also supporting their overall professional development and growth.
  • Support students in putting together a final presentation (most likely on Zoom) of their internship experience.
  • Respond to emails from Foothill SLI program staff checking in throughout the quarter. These will involve weekly updates (as applicable) as well as requests for status reports every other week.
  • Attend a program orientation the first week of winter quarter.
  • Attend a final presentation, tentatively scheduled for Friday, 3/18/21 in the afternoon.
  • Complete evaluation forms per requirements of an internship class that students take alongside the internship placement.
  • Students will be asked to submit an application to Foothill College’s Research and Service Leadership Symposium which is held in May 2022. The application deadline is usually in March. We ask the mentors to support students in the application and if a student’s application is accepted, you have the option to continue to support the student in preparing for the presentation in May – THIS WOULD BE OPTIONAL and outside the scope of this program.

Mentor Application

Deadline for mentor app: Sunday, 10/24/21

Foothill Student Commitment

(for currently enrolled STEM Foothill students)

  • Commit 6 – 7 hours a week for 11 weeks, engaging in the research project outlined by the mentor, attending lab meetings, and engaging in other activities laid out by the mentor.
  • Attend a program orientation the first week of winter quarter.
  • Sign up for an ITRN course to obtain credits for the internship. The course tuition is covered by SLI. The course involves assignments that relate to the internship, including evaluation forms, weekly reflections, and a final report.
  • Attend a biweekly cohort seminar for all interns on professional development topics. These will be on Zoom.
  • Plan for and deliver a final presentation at the end of the 11 week internship.
  • Students will be asked to submit an application to Foothill College’s Research and Service Leadership Symposium which is held in May 2022. The application deadline is usually in March.
  • A more detailed list of expectations is outlined in a separate document for students.
  • Student application will be ready by 11/1/21. Deadline will be Sunday, 11/21/21.

Student Eligibility

  • Enrolled in at least 6 units for fall at Foothill.
  • Intended STEM major. 
  • Priority given to students who demonstrate financial need, have not had previous internship, are aiming to transfer, and are first time degree earners.


  1. Mentors will submit applications describing their proposed project along with desired student qualifications by Sunday, 10/24/21. The applications will be reviewed by the Foothill SLI staff and then added to the student recruitment materials and application process.
  2. Foothill students will apply and select their top choices of work they would like to be involved with by Sunday, 11/21/21.
  3. Mentors will be given the option to review student applications to pick whom they would like to work with OR give the decision-making authority to the Foothill SLI staff.
  4. Once the students are selected and accept the offer, a program orientation will happen the first week of the program, early in the week of January 3rd.
  5. The program will start the week of January 3rd with the matches meeting right away.

 Program Overview for More informationMentor Application

Deadline for Mentor Application: Sunday, 10/24/21

Fooothill Student Application (will become available by 11/1/21)

Deadline for Student Application: Sunday, 11/21/21

Past School Year Opportunities

These are examples of school year internships that have been provided by the Science Learning Institute. 

Foothill-Stanford Bioresearch Internship (winter 2021)

SLI partnered with biology labs at Stanford University to launch this pilot internship program in winter 2021.

Students were partnered with a graduate or post-doctoral mentor and commited five hours a week in a virtual internship, working on independent projects under the guidance of the mentor.

Students received a $500 stipend and also attended biweekly cohort seminars to learn about topics such as applying to graduate school and careers in biology/ science.

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