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Canvas log in instructions

Browser Log In From Foothill College Login Page

Go to

Type in the same college ID number and password that you use to log into MyPortal. 

Browser Log In Through MyPortal

Before you log into MyPortal make sure to clear your browser's cache.

  1. Log in to MyPortal ( using your Campus Wide ID Number and Password

    MyPortal login page

    From MyPortal, you may access your account, your records, and your Canvas course. If you are a student you can access your transcripts, grades, and more.

    Do not forget to log out of your MyPortal session. Logging out of Canvas will NOT log you out of MyPortal.

    MyPortal will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity and require you to log in again.

    For any questions regarding MyPortal please visit MyPortal First-Time Login and scroll down to the troubleshooting tips section.

  2. Select Apps located in the navigation menu

     Arrow pointing to Apps on MyPortal navigation menu

  3. Find the Canvas tile. Instructors will find it in the Faculty section and students will find it in the Student section:
    1. Click on the Canvas tile
    2. Select the star to make it a favorite which will add it to your home page.

      1. arrow pointing to Canvas icon, 2. arrow pointing to star

  4. Select"Log into Foothill Canvas".
    Arrow pointing to Log into Foothill Canvas link

Mobile Log In

You can download the Canvas App and log in to access your courses. If you are associated with different colleges that use Canvas, you can only log in to one college at a time.

Canvas Student App

Faculty should download the Student app to see how their course works on mobile from the student perspective.

Canvas Teacher App

Logging out of Canvas

Using Canvas from a public computer

Please remember to log out of Canvas if you are using a public computer.

How do I log out of Canvas as a student?

How do I log out of Canvas as an instructor?

If you logged into Canvas through MyPortal you MUST log out of MyPortal, too. Logging out of Canvas does NOT automatically log you out of MyPortal.

Course not showing for students?

Instructors control student access to their Canvas course sites. Therefore, all enrolled students will have to wait until the instructor creates then publishes the Canvas course site for student access. This may be why you either do not see the course in Canvas or are receiving an error message in Canvas stating you are not enrolled in the course.
Most instructors will not make their Canvas course sites available to enrolled students until the course start date, unless otherwise notified by the instructor. You can check for the course start date in the Class Schedule.

Note: Waitlisted students do not have access to Canvas course sites.

I am in a different Time Zone

If you plan to access Canvas from a different time zone make sure to change the setting in Canvas so that it shows the right time zone for where you are located.

How do I set my time zone in Canvas as a student? 

How do I set my time zone in Canvas as an instructor?

Canvas login button

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