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Accessibility in Canvas

Did you know that 1 in 7 students at Foothill request an accommodation from the Disability Resources Center (DRC)? This means that it is really important that your course materials are accessible so that every student at Foothill will be able to have an equivalent learning experience. Once you know how to make your materials accessible it will become second nature to you.

To help you learn how to make your courses accessible we created a series of videos and a checklist of what you can do. We also integrated a new tool called Pope Tech into Canvas that will analyze your Canvas page and guide you through fixing any items that are flagged.

10 Day Accessibility Challenge

The 10 Day Accessibility Challenge is over, however, you still have access to the videos that were created to demonstrate one aspect of accessibility per video. By the end you will know what you can do to make your courses accessible. The video below is the first in the playlist. At the end of the video you can progress to the next in the series or jump to the playlist on YouTube to where you can select which video to view.

Pope Tech Accessibility Tool

Canvas provides an accessibility checker on the Rich Content Editor (RCE) that many of you have been using to confirm that your Canvas pages are accessible. However, a new, more accurate tool has been integrated into Canvas that is built on the WebAIM WAVE technology! It is called Pope Tech and is used while you are editing a page. If an item is flagged as not being accessible, you will be guided on how to fix the issue.

To run Pope Tech, edit your page and select the button underneath the RCE, next to the Cancel and Save buttons. Your page will be analyzed, and you will be able to quickly address any accessibility errors.

View the video to see how to use Pope Tech in Canvas.


Pope Tech Accessibility Guide for Instructors

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