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Apply Now for Humanities Mellon Scholars Program for Fall 2022

  • Attend an information session on Wednesday, June 15 from 5-6 p.m. or Thursday, June 16 from Noon-1 p.m. via Zoom.
  • Deadline to apply for the program is Monday, June 20.
  • Watch our video and visit the Foothill Humanities Mellon Scholars website to register for an info session and apply!


What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is a a group of students, or cohort, who start and finish a program together with support from dedicated faculty, counselors and staff.

Check out all our learning communities descriptions below and ask a counselor about which one may be best for you!

Honors Institute Changemaker Community

The Changemaker Community is dedicated to providing a cohort of honors students with a learning community in two discipline-based courses linked with a common theme. The theme of each learning community provides a foundation for curricular connections between disciplines, and out-of-classroom experiences which enhance the academic experience.


Humanities Mellon Scholars

This program is designed to get you ready for transfer in two years with a strong foundation in the humanities. You will take the five courses that lead to the Certificate of Achievement in Humanities as a member of a learning community, allowing you to enjoy the social camaraderie and a network of support among classmates while you sharpen your study skills.


Puente Project

Puente, the Spanish word for Bridge, is a national-award winning student leadership program that provides a structured pathway for transfer to the UCs and CSUs while engaging participants in community service.

Assessment Eligibility Requirements: ENGL 1A



The Program for Readiness and Exploration in STEM (PRE-STEM) is a learning community focused on increasing persistence and retention in STEM fields.

To get started in summer, attend our tuition-free, intensive three-week TechCore Summer Institute!


Umoja Community

Umoja, a Kiswahili word meaning unity, is a year-long learning community and critical resource at Foothill College dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students.

Assessment Eligibility Requirements: ENGL 1A


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