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Child Development

Child Development Training Consortium

Qualified Foothill College students can receive reimbursement for units taken in child development and general education.

Funding information will be distributed each quarter based on the number of units completed by eligible applicants.

Access to this program is available to eligible students who are pursuing careers in child care/development. Contact the CDTC Campus Coordinator Claire Koukoutsakis at

Community College Program

This program is available to fund specific educational costs at 96 community colleges throughout California, including Foothill College.

Access to this program is available to eligible students who are pursuing careers in child care/development through the CDTC Foothill Campus Coordinator, Claire Koukoutsakis at

Each CDTC community college member works with a local advisory committee to develop plans for the use of CDTC funds. Therefore, the use of CDTC funding can vary from college to college.

Foothill College uses CDTC Funds to reimburse students toward the expenses of enrollment fees, tuition and/or textbooks.

Students must meet ALL of the following criteria to be eligible to participate in the CDTC Community College Program:

  1. Student must be seeking a new or maintaining a currently held Child Development Permit.
  2. At the time of enrollment, the student must be employed by a child care/development program, including licensed family childcare and out-of-school care. Center-based programs must be licensed or eligible for an exemption according to Department of Social Services (DSS) regulations. Employment in a kindergarten classroom is also acceptable.
  3. Student employment must directly benefit children and/or families. The employment experience must be acceptable to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for purposes of obtaining a Child Development Permit, even if experience is not required for the permit.
  4. Student must work in the state of California.

Note: In-home care providers (nannies) are not eligible. Unlicensed, exempt, home-based child care providers (individuals) are not eligible.

General Priorities for Enrollment

Eligible students will be enrolled according to the following priorities:

  1. Employees of all direct-funded CDE/CDD programs including center-based programs and family childcare network programs or center-based programs with satellite family child care providers. This also includes co-located Head Start Programs.
  2. Employees of any program, center-based or licensed family child care homes that serve children on a voucher basis for Alternative Payment services.
  3. Employees of all other programs including center-based and licensed family child care homes.

Within each priority group listed above, priority will be given to students fulfilling the requirements for an Assistant, Associate Teacher, or Teacher Child Development Permit.

Effective February 15, 2010 the Child Development Training Consortium will pay the application and fingerprint processing fees (if applicable) for Child Development Permit levels including permits with a School-Age Emphasis. Learn more

Local Priorities for Enrollment
Foothill College's Criteria to receive CDTC grant funding is:
  1. Student will receive a "C" grade or better in the course.
  2. Physical Education units are not eligible.

The Child Development Training Consortium is funded by California Department of Education, Child Development Division and First Five California.

Located at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Center

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