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Questions to Ask

Bring this list of questions with you when meeting with a university admission representative.  Download a PDF version

  1. What opportunities would I have if I majored in [blank] at your institution?
  2. What differentiates your program in [blank] from programs offered at other U.S. universities?
  3. My favorite subject in school is [blank]. How can that translate into a major at your school?
  4. What happens if I want to change my major?
  5. What happens if I need to return home for a semester? Can I suspend my studies for a period of time and then come back?
  6. How much am I going to pay each year to attend your school?
  7. Can you tell me about other fees and costs in addition to tuition?
  8. What kinds of scholarships for international students do you offer?
  9. Are there separate deadlines for admission and scholarship applications?
  10. What percentage of the annual cost to attend your school can be covered by scholarships?
  11. What percentage of international students receive financial aid, and what is the average aid amount?
  12. What opportunities are there for on-campus employment?
  13. What kinds of qualifications do international students who are admitted to your school have?
  14. Can you give me an idea of how the visa and I-20 processes work?
  15. What are some examples of internships held by students majoring in [blank] at your school?
  16. Is there someone at your school who will help me find an internship?
  17. How will your program in [blank] help me achieve my career goals?
  18. What career services are available for international students at your school?
  19. Are English as a second language, or ESL, courses offered at your school?
  20. I’ve already taken an English language exam such as the TOEFL or the IELTS. Are there any programs at your school that will accept my score?
  21. Does your school offer an intensive English program?
  22. Is tutoring available?
  23. What is the trip like to get to campus from my home country? Will someone be there to pick me up at the airport?
  24. How would you assess safety on campus, and where can I get more information?
  25. What student clubs are available?
  26. Would it be possible for me to create my own student organization? What is that process like?
  27. What housing and meal plan options are available?
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