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California State University (CSU & Cal Poly)

Explore Your Cal State Options

With 23 campuses and thousands of degrees choices, the CSU system provides excellent transfer options. Foothill offers 27 associate degrees for transfer to the CSU, too!

Cal State Options

Transfer Application Deadlines

Spring 2024 Transfer

Submit Application Aug. 1–31, 2023
Note: Not all CSU’s accept during this term

Fall 2024 Transfer

Submit Application Oct. 1–Nov. 30, 2023


University of California (UC)

Explore Your UC Options

Explore Your UC Options

Application Preparation

1. Create a UC TAP Account

To begin the process for applying to UC’s, create a UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) account and add your past, current, and future college classes.

Click Here: Youtube Video on filling out your UC TAP.

2. TAG Consideration

If you plan to submit a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), you'll go to your UC TAP account to submit your TAG during the Sept. 1–Sept. 30 application period. Note: There is a button in your UC TAP account to submit your TAG.

For more information about submitting a TAG as a Foothill student,  go to our Transfer Admission Guarantee page.

3. UC Personal Insight Questions

This summer, begin writing your “UC Personal Insight Questions (PIQ).”  

See the Transfer Student PIQ instructions

Students can get assitance with their UC Personal Insight Questions with a Foothill Counselor and the Writing and Language Center.

Winter/ Spring 2024

Although very unlikely, a few UC's might accept mid-year applications.  Historically only UCSC, UCM, and UCR have accepted winter/spring applications for specific majors only. This UC application is due in July. Check individual UC campus website for details.

Fall 2024 Transfer

Submit Application Oct. 1–Nov. 30 2023

Students may begin filling out their UC application during the month of August up to the end of November.

Apply to UC

Private and/or Out-of-State Universities


Explore Your Private University Options

Students interested in private and/or out-of-state universities must go to the individual university websites to get detailed transfer information.

Application deadlines and transfer criteria vary with each individual university. You can explore nearly 900 college and universities at

More Private Colleges and Universities Research Links

Need Help Getting Started?

Common Application Basics



Most private colleges and out-of-state universities accept the Common App.   Some universities may require students to fill out the Coalition application and not the Commonapp.  If so, please review Youtube videos on how to fill out this application.

Please refer to the following when filling out the Common App application as a Foothill student:

How to fill out the Common App and submit documents, like the College Report


  Link to the Common App application



The CommonApp College Report process is through the Admissions & Records (A&R) office.  They can email your College Report to one or multiple schools (fill out the SmartSheet link to learn about this process).


Students filling out applications for private and/or out-of-state universities that are NOT using the Commonapp, may be required to submit documents similar to the College Report.  Sometimes this document is called a “Transfer Report” or “Officials/Admissions Report.”  Please still follow the instructions below as if you were submitting the Commonapp, College Report.


College Report:  The “Student Section” must be filled out by the student and the “College official section” must be filled out by the Foothill College Admissions & Records (A & R) department. 


STEP 1. Download the fillable College Report Form FILLABLE form and save it to your computer. Fill out the top half on the first page up to the section where it says “Required Signature" (be sure to type your signature).

  • The CAID (Common App ID) is the number on the top right corner of your Common App application account
  • The Foothill College CEEB Code is 4315
  • Include how many units you have currently completed & how many units that are in-progress and what you plan to take up to the end of your time at Foothill.



STEP 2. Submit your completed College Report form to this SmartSheet

Be sure to include the following information in the SmartSheet:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Foothill Student ID:
  • ACCURATE emails of where you want Foothill College to email your College Reports (if you want your College Report emailed back to you, you may request that it be emailed back to you). 

 Processing College Reports may take up to 5-7 business days. 



Your Transfer Center Resources

Foothill students successfully transfer to the institution of their choice through planning and hard work, guided by knowledgeable and caring Foothill faculty and staff and our university representative partners.

Use all the resources available when starting your transfer planning journey.

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