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Second Spring

Second Spring 2019

Classes run May 20 - June 28

Same Classes. Same Credit. Shorter Time. 80+ Offered!

All Second Spring courses are either fully online or hybrid classes using Canvasexcept Beginning and Intermediate Jazz Dance.

Steps to Register

  1. APPLY for spring admission
  2. BROWSE the second spring schedule of classes
  3. REGISTER for class

Courses Added for Second Spring

We still have open seats for courses that satisfy your UC or CSU GE requirements.  Register today!


  • MATH 1B Calculus, CRN 42369
  • MATH 10 Elementary Statistics, CRN 42367


Other Courses of Interest

  • ENGL24.01W  Unmasking Comics: Dawn of the Graphic Novel, CRN 41386
  • ENGL08.01W Children's Literature CRN 40545
  • ENGL1B-60W Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking, CRN 40730

New Online Learning Exchange

Enrolled at Foothill? Take an online class at De Anza, too.

Can’t find the second spring class you need this quarter? Visit the new California Virtual Campus ExCEL website to choose from online transfer courses from De Anza College. Look for those classes with the late start dates.

If you are already enrolled at Foothill, there's no admission application required for the De Anza courses in the online exchange program.

Online Classes at Foothill

Foothill College was recently named the #1 online community college in California and the #3 online community college in the nation.

Our Online Learning Office provides excellent support for our online students.

24/7 Online Learning Support

  • Are you taking a class online or looking to add an online class?
  • If you need technical assistance with Canvas, call 1.877.930.1173 any time.
  • Phone support hours for Canvas have been extended to 24/7 for students.

More Late Start Classes

Both Foothill and De Anza offer late start classes that do not fall into the 6-week second spring timelime.

Visit each college's late-start schedules to see what's offered.

Important Note

Some De Anza late start classes may require that you first apply for De Anza admission if they are NOT part of the CVC ExCel Online Learning Exchange.

Second Spring CLASSES

Steps to register

Use the Foothill College mobile app. Download from MyPortal.

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