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Foothill College Virtual Campus, Classes Start Sept. 21

Most Fall 2020 classes will be delivered virtually — using Zoom, Canvas, and other online tools.

lap,books and studentsNote: some classes will be taught at the regular times listed in the schedule (synchronously). Classes designated as 'Online' will typically allow for much more flexibility, and some classes will combine both approaches.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the method of delivery for your fall classes. You can find faculty contact information through our searchable online directory.

To learn how we are supporting our students online, visit our Virtual Campus website.


Open Core & GE Courses

Foothill has a variety of fall classes still open to fit your needs and interests. Most start the week of Sept. 21.


Global Studies

Global Studies is a dynamic class to learn about important issues that showcase the complex interconnectivity of the world we live in today. As the Coronavirus has shown us, borders are porous and there are no walls to stop the flow of viruses. Financial capital also moves similarly moving between countries as we increasingly purchase goods from abroad. At a more tangible level, what about the food you eat? How does the food you buy at a grocery store in your neighborhood impact a small community farmer on the other side of the world? How does the concept of the global citizen develop? How and why can KPOP change the narrative of movements such as BLM? These are just a sampling of the kinds of questions we'll explore in this class.


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Learn ceramics online! Sign up for our beginner course this fall.

Did you know?

Foothill College recently ranked #6 for Best Online Art Schools & Degree ProgramsCheck out the rankings and compare the pricing! You can earn an AA in Art and an AA for Transfer in Studio Arts — both fully online!


Biology 54H will be a deep dive into COVID-19 and how it has changed the world around us in a few short months. Each week you will complete a small reading and homework assignment ahead of our synchronous discussion/project session. We will choose a new topic each week based on the interests of the class.

Computer Science

Learn to create Android apps using the latest techniques, including the Kotlin programming language and Google's Jetpack libraries.


English 16 takes you on a journey through a diverse selection of writers and opens your mind and heart to the characters and the real-life contexts that make the works relevant and meaningful. Read short stories, a play, a novel, and dive into poems and spoken word. You will feel more connected to your fellow humans as you take this class!


Take a music class to learn a new skill, enhance your life, or just for enjoyment!

Physical Education (PHED)

Take a PE Activity Class for Health & Wellness

Contact Tracing

Take a free Contact Tracing & Case Investigation Course

This self-paced, online Community Education class starts Sept. 21

Learn more and register!

Attend a Virtual Orientation for our Non-Credit ESL Classes

Attend an orientation session
 to learn more about our free ESL classes:

THURSDAY, Sept. 17, 6–7:30 p.m.

To RSVP, please email Janie Garcia at garciajanie@foothill.edu

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