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BUSI 12 Introduction to Data Analytics & Business Decisions CRN 32082
MW 8-9:50 a.m. Instructor Laurence Lew

This course is an introduction to the exciting world of data analytics and data science and its use in business and decision making, addressing a wide range of topics including:

  • What is data analytics and data science?
  • The different parts of data analytics (e.g. data collection, manipulation, analysis, interpretation, decision making)
  • Basic Data Analytics Skills, Methods, and Tools
  • Career paths as a Data Professional in Data Analytics and Data Science. 

Foothill has a variety of fall classes still open to fit your needs and interests. Most start the week of Jan. 6.

Core & GE Courses


  • ANTH 15 Medical Anthropology — Methods & Practices
    CRN 31642 — MW 10–11:50 a.m., Instructor John Wolf

    This is a great class for students who plan to or already work in the allied health and medical fields. Investigate global, cross-cultural and local issues related to health, sickness, healing, epidemiology, aging and dying from an applied and biocultural perspective, using anthropological theory and ethnographic fieldwork methods.

Art and Graphic & Interactive Design

We offer a variety of art-related courses to fit your schedule, including evenings, weekends and online. Check out these classes with seats available for fall.


  • BUSI 57 Principle of Advertising CRN 31212
    ONLINE, Instructor Natasha Mancuso
    Introduction to the relationship between advertising and society, and consumer and business. Analysis of markets and direction of advertising campaigns toward them.  This course  is part of a new  Digital Marketin Certificate, available 2020-2021. Get started now with this course.  Learn more about the program
  • BUSI 96 Entrepreneurship CRN 31644
    T 6–8:50 p.m., Instructor Mike Dorsey
    The class is an introduction to business and entrepreneurship, with many guest speakers who have either built companies or who participate in the ecosystem of building companies, including those who finance young companies.  Instructor Dorsey is a venture capitalist, investing in social purpose companies for 16 years, including Telsa, Solar City, Proterra, Pandora, Revolution Foods, CareDx, Amava, Shared-X and others.  Prior to this, he was an investment banker to emerging growth companies for 20 years. If you've considered starting a business, this is the class for you!


  • CNSL 72: Stress, Wellness & Coping CRN 30522
    TTH 10 a.m.–11:15 a.m.
    Explore and become familiar with symptoms of stress, depression, and anxietyorganizations and creating positive social change. Learn, practice, and understand effective coping strategies to promote self-awareness, personal wellness, and academic success.


  • ENGR 10 Introduction to Engineering CRN 30805
    TTH Lect: 1-2:50 p.m., Lab: 3-4:15 p.m
    Learn about project management and design, insights from discussions on ethics and environmental impact, and skills in written and oral technical communication.


Take an Online Course to fit your schedule!

English as a Second Language

To meet our community needs, we offer non-credit (no fee) and for-credit ESL classes.




Physical Education

Take a PE Activity Class for Health & Wellness

Social Sciences

  • SOSC 79 Introduction to Community & Civic Engagement
    Starts 1/20–3/27. This 1-unit, self-paced course integrates a practical experience in leading service learning projects. The course allows students to balance action with critical reflection in service learning practice.


Community Education Classes

Did you know you can sign up for a pool or gym membership at Foothill? Our Community Education Department also offers non-credit classes in aqua fitness, project management, continuing education in pesticide regulation, and more!

 For details on all, visit the Community Education page.