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Marketing and Public Relations


The Foothill College Marketing and Public Relations Department offers a variety of services to faculty and staff members. The team supports the mission, vision and strategic growth of the college through focused internal and external marketing initiatives, public relations efforts, publication development and social media.


  • Print and digital graphic design
  • Web content development
  • Publication development
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Social media
  • Media relations
  • Event planning
  • Publicity
  • Advertising

Our Brand

The Foothill College brand is rooted in four core values: equity, student success, trust, and sustainability. Our branding is essential to the Foothill College experience and ensures a consistent look and feel across all touch points. The style guide below is provided to keep the brand focused and unique. The Foothill brand is broken into two groups: academic and student outreach. Please note that though there are two distinct styles for each group, there is still only one overall brand.

Download the Style Guide

About Our Logo

We have introduced a bold and modern logo for the college. Our approach takes elements from our old logo and reimagines them for a new generation. Instead of the mature oak tree we opted for an acorn shape, a symbol that suggests new beginnings, rebirth, and unlimited potential. An education plants a seed of change in every student, and we want Foothill College to nurture that growth.

Breaking down the logo, the acorn cap serves as a reference to our innovative Pacific-Asian architecture. Bold uppercase typography conveys a strong, confident academic feel. It features the new college font called Brandon Text chosen for its superior legibility in both print and digital formats as well as its distinguished character. And, we also reinstated the school colors, Cardinal Red and black.

Logo Downloads

We have one approved logo with three orientations (Main, Stacked, and Long) for use on all collateral and promotional materials. Each logo is available in color and black & white versions. Please refer to the style guide for appropriate use – recoloring, adding effects or editing the logo is not permitted.

Foothill College logos in three orientations, main, stacked and long


PowerPoint Templates

The following PowerPoint templates available for download.

Template #1 "Red"

Template #2 "Geometric"

Template #3 "Quotable"


Need photos of the Foothill College campus, people or events? Visit Smug Mug to view and download images for projects.

Photo & Video Model Authorization Release

Students, staff and faculty participating in professional photo shoots will need to complete a model release form and submit to marketing.

For More Information

If you require assistance with any logos, templates or if you have general questions, please contact Jerry Robredo, Graphic Design and Communications Coordinator.