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Adding Content Sections to Your Basic Profile


snippet puzzle toolUse the Snippet tool to select content sections to add to your profile content section.


Basic Snippets

NOTE: All profiles automatically include the following editable main content and sidebar content sections.

Main Content

  • Profile-Job Title
  • Profile-Department
  • Profile-Division
  • Profile-About
  • Faculty Schedule (not editable)

Sidebar Snippets

  • Profile-Sidebar-Profile Image
  • Profile-Sidebar-Building & Room


Selecting Additional Profile Content Snippets

Click on the Snippet tool and then select from these profile content types — listed in alphabetical order, not by what to include. You choose what to add to your basic profile information.

  • Profile-Affiliations (Foothill and outside organizations which you belong)
  • Profile-Biography
  • Profile-Course Information
    *(Note: Along with this option, all faculty profiles automatically include a Faculty Schedule snippet that displays the two current terms of course sections.)
  • Profile-Education
  • Profile-Favorite Quote
  • Profile-Image (Requires a 700 px wide dimension)
  • Profile-Interests
  • Profile-Membership (Foothill governance committees and oher working groups)
  • Profile-Office Hours
  • Profile-Pronouns
  • Profile-Video

When You Add a Snippet

When adding a snippet from the list above, as an example with Profile-Affiliations, you will see a table format with the snippet name (Affiliations), the Affilations Label (My Affiliations), and an a prompt in the editable area to enter YOUR content, such as list of  affiliations.

Once saved and published, the table format will render with a My Affiliations subheading and your edited content.

You can edit the content to include links to other websites.

Edit Mode

affiliation snippet table


Published Mode

affiliations published display



OmniUpdate Support Resources

OU Campus Basic Training Video 

Quick Reference Guide (910 KB, 8 Pages)

The basic training video is general to the OU Campus interface and will be useful as an overview.

Please see training pages on the left menu for steps specific to the Foothill College OU Campus environment, specifically how to log In, image dimensions and more.

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