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Cost of Attendance

Understanding your Cost of Attendance (COA)

We factor in both direct and indirect costs when determining your financial aid award for the school year so that we can get you as much money as possible to cover your expenses while you're a student. If your financial aid for a quarter exceeds your direct costs, the remainder of the money will be refunded to you so you can use it towards your indirect costs.

Your COA is made up of two different types of costs: Direct and Indirect.

1. Estimated Direct Costs: 

These are the costs that are charged by Foothill College that appear on your student account, such as enrollment fees (tuition) and student fees. These fees are owed directly to Foothill and will vary depending on the number of classes you take each quarter.

2. Estimated Indirect Costs: 

These are costs associated with attending Foothill College that do not appear on your student account and are, therefore, not owed to Foothill.  They include books and supplies, rent, food, and personal/miscellaneous expenses. 



Description Living with no/low rent
and no dependents
All Others
Tuition and Fees* $1,527 (see fees) $1,527 (see fees)
Books and Supplies $1,677 $1,677
Room and Board $11,796 $20,250
Transportation $1,026 $1,026
Personal/Miscellaneous $3,924 $3,924
TOTAL $19,950 $28,404

Add for Non-Resident tuition

(if applicable)

$9,945 $9,945
TOTAL $29,895 $38,349


Description Cost
Tuition and Fees $1,527 (see fees)
Books and Supplies $1,677
Transportation $1,026
TOTAL $4,230

Add for Non-Resident tuition

(if applicable)

TOTAL $14,175

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