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TechCore Program

TechCore Cohort

One of the benefits of being part of TechCore is that you join a learning community of peers who are working toward the same goal of the Associate Degree for Transfer in Computer Science (ADT-CS).

While building a community online proved much more difficult than just making friends on Facebook, it's still a very interesting and valuable experience for me. I was deathly afraid of any people I did not know, and I feel that I'm able to do a little better in groups of random people - a skill I totally lacked before. (TechCore participant)

Cohort Sessions

The cohort meets biweekly, led by the TechCore program staff, to cover topics that will support your academic and professional development:

  • study skills in computer science
  • soft skills like communication, collaboration, leadership, and presentation
  • careers in tech
  • finding internships and scholarships
  • networking, LinkedIn
  • impostor syndrome, being from an underrepresented group in tech

Use of Canvas

When you join TechCore, you are invited to the TechCore Canvas shell where resources are shared and assignments are given, much like a course.


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Sophia Kim, Director Science Learning Institute