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About the Program

Welcome to the Department of English at Foothill College, where we read, write, and think critically about a variety of local, regional, national, and global texts and contexts. Through carefully designed courses of study, students are invited to engage with texts that reflect a range of cultural perspectives.

The English Department empowers students by facilitating their understanding and use of language and other media as we support their academic, career-related, and personal endeavors.

"Reading and writing mean being aware of the writer's notions of risk and safety, the serene achievement of, or sweaty fight for, meaning and response-ability." Toni Morrision


What you can do with a degree in English

  • Writing & Editing
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Nonprofits
  • Business Development
  • And so much more!

Why Study English?

The English Major prepares students for a range of careers and disciplines. An English degree enhances students' critical reading, writing, and thinking skills and offers a breadth of cultural and historical knowledge through the study and creation of diverse texts.

Degree & Program Types

View list below for programs offered at Foothill. Then select program map for a possible schedule that fulfills program and college requirements.

Foothill College offers two English degrees. The ADT prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions. Students who complete the ADT in English are ensured preferential transfer status to any California State University (CSU) as an English major. 

For program requirements and full course listings, view degrees and certificates information.

Associate in Arts for Transfer

Associate in Arts

Fall 2023 Featured Courses in  Literature and Creative Writing

In addition to our core English 1A, English 1B, and English 1C courses in a range of modalities, we are offering a selection of compelling literature courses, all offered entirely online asynchronous, and Intro to Creative Writing, offered online hybrid asynchronous with one weekly meeting in Zoom.

Please check current schedule of classes for days and times and any changes or cancellations. 


ENGL 22: Women Writers

This course is an examination of the works of multicultural women poets, novelists, dramatists, and essayists and their aesthetic and sociopolitical contributions to American literature and literatures written in English. Students will conduct literary analysis of the intersections between gender and race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, and other constructs of identity and power.

ENGL 34C: Literature Into Film

Students will conduct an examination of the ways great world literature throughout world history has been adapted for the modern day moviegoing audience, from one medium to the other-from text to film or television series. They will consider: 1. how filmmakers adapt literature to film, considering the conventions and artistic elements of each medium; 2. how film and literature may evoke similar or different meanings and emotional responses, considering historical, cultural, critical, theoretical, and other contexts for creation and reception, with attention to diverse artists in both literary and film genres, and stories representing experiences from across cultures, ethnicities, class, and genders; 3. how one artistic medium may inform the other.

ENGL 43A: Survey of British Literature I: Beowulf to the Late 18th Century

This course is a survey of literature spanning the earliest Old English texts, Middle English period, Early Modern period, through Neoclassicism, including early writers of the British colonies. Texts discussed and analyzed within historical, sociocultural, philosophical, political, legal, and aesthetic contexts, integrating theories of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, socioeconomic class and labor, slavery, colonialism and immigration, religion/spirituality, and ability.

ENGL 49: California Literature: Golden State Cultures, Geographies & Histories

This course is an introduction to literature written by and about Californians, from pre-contact California Indian creation myths to contemporary poetry, fiction, drama, essays, and autobiographical narratives. Emphasis on important literary contributions by authors from a range of ethnic, socio-economic, and regional communities representing the cultural complexity of California. There will be an emphasis on the influence of ecology, geography, political and social developments, ethnicity, gender, and class on the formation of distinctive yet interconnected California cultures, as represented in literary works.


CRWR 6: Introduction to Creative Writing

This course will give explicit instruction and practice in writing poetry and short fiction. Class assignments will include reading, analyzing and responding to published and student work and writing original work. There will be analysis of public readings and/or interviews with writers.

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