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Summer Bridge English Program

Boost Your English Skills 

Prepare yourself for your first college English course by improving your reading, writing, grammar and study skills.

In just four weeks, Summer Bridge will help you be more confident in any class. You'll work with other students and learn from experts in diverse fields.

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Summer Bridge English Students

  • Spend time in a stimulating college environment
  • Improve reading comprehension, thesis writing, paragraph development, essay organization and sentence structure
  • Develop strategies for all college classes
  • Boost your confidence to succeed in your fall classes
  • Participate in enriching field trips and activities
  • Get course textbooks free of charge
  • Receive priority registration for fall quarter upon successful completion of CNSL 5 (not required)


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You're Eligible for Summer Bridge If

  • You're a high school graduate and have not yet completed an English class at Foothill College
  • You have taken Foothill's English placement test and the results placed you in ENGL 1S, 110 or 209
  • You want to refresh your English skills, prepare for college courses and/or place higher in the English course sequence

Registration Is Easy

  1. Apply for Foothill College and follow the instructions to active your student ID number and MyPortal account
  2. Schedule your English assessment test
  3. Sign up for Summer Bridge by registering for Non-Credit English (NCEN) 400 in MyPortal


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