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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

Presentation Formats

Watch our promo video from the 2021 RSLS! 

10-Minute Live & Recorded Talks 

All presentations will be delivered as live or recorded 10-minute talks or performances. You may be creative in your delivery, but we encourage the use of slides and video to best capture and present the high quality of your research, service and arts projects. NOTE: At least one presenter must be present at the event to deliver the presentation or show the video.

There will be multiple one-hour sessions in which several talks will be grouped together. You will be given a 10-min slot to present, but you will need to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your hour. 

You will provide a presentation to an audience of Foothill students and faculty, as well as family and friends.  There will be a moderator who will introduce you and time you.  This is an opportunity to explain your work to others who are interested in hearing your views and insights.   

Presentation Formats & Guidelines

Review the Presentation Guidelines for tips on how to create your slides or videos for the event. Then, review the RSLS 2021 Presenter Checklist to get ready for the big day!

Types of Project Talks

Research Projects

The content of your talk should include background information, research question, hypothesis, methodology, results, conclusions and implications of your project. You may include this within a slide presentation or video.

Service Leadership Projects

The content of your talk should include a detailed description of your project.  Explain what you did, how it had an impact, and the implications of your work. You may include this within a slide presentation or video. 

Creative Arts Projects

An art project might be paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, music, a theatrical event.  The virtual format will not allow a traditional art or sculpture gallery, but you can present your work with a video showing images, ceramics or sculpture.   Or you could do a video showing the process or creation. Music and performance videos are encouraged.  You are artists!  

Art Gallery

Artwork that will be presented in a 10-min talk or performance can also be included in a virtual Art Gallery during the event. In order to have it included, you will need to submit a high-quality image or images of your work in a jpeg or other image file with the project and image title. Imagine this printed to scale on a gallery wall. How would you capture and present your work?


Research and Service Leadership Symposium 2023

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Allison Herman & Ryker, RSL Symposium Coordinators