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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

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Finding Team Members or Collaborators

RSLS Discord

RSLS is excited to announce the creation of our RSLS Discord group!

  • You are invited to join this community and develop topic groups to connect with like-minded students.
  • You will need to set up an account to get started, but then you can reach out directly to other students. 

Foothill Clubs

Joining a club is another great way to connect with other engaged individuals and teams. They are always looking for new members. More importantly, many clubs are actively developing projects in research, service, and creative arts! 

Here are a few actively seeking participant to develp RSLS projects:

  • The Psychology Club
  • Foothill American Chemical Society (FACS), email facs.foothill@gmail.com
  • Fund the Future
  • Creative Writing Club

Visit the Foothill ICC for a list of active clubs to get connected!

Community Partners!

Foothill Campus has a number of exciting opportunities for engaging in the community and participating in research, service and creative arts, including internships, competitions, and campus challenges. The great thing about these activities is that you can double-dip! You can develop a project for, say, the Business Innovation Challenge, or the ASFC PSA competition, for example, and present it at the RSLS, or vice versa. 

Check out these opportunities to get additional inspiration:


Application Closed for 2024

Research and Service Leadership Symposium 2023

Please contact us!

Allison Herman,
Laura Gamez,
Lisa Schultheis
RSLS  Coordinators


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