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Professional Development

Travel and Conferences


Funding for 2023-2024 conferences is available! Application review will begin on September 6, 2023.

  • The limit for each faculty is $1,800. 
  • The limit for ACE Classified Staff members is $1,600.

How do I apply for professional development funds, and if approved, get reimbursed?

  1. Fill out the Smartsheet application and attach ALL receipts/documentation of estimates. Note that the software does not save the data as you fill it out, so please be sure to have all of your event information prior to beginning. The application could take up to 10-15 minutes to complete.
  2. Wait 10-14 days to receive notification about the status of your request. It may be approved as is, denied as is, or more info may be needed. You'll receive an email with detailed information at your district email address.
  3. Attend the conference! Save ALL your receipts as you must submit them when you return them in order to be reimbursed.
  4. The day after the conference ends, you'll receive an email prompting you to return to the Smartsheet to upload your completed Trip Voucher and ALL receipts documentation. 
  5. Receive your check within 7-10 business days.



Deadline Dates: Travel/Conference Requests

Applications must be submitted 30 business days prior to the conference date. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a quarter per quarter basis.

The Travel & Conference Committee will review the applications. Every effort will be made to fully fund requests. Depending on the number of requests received, requests may be partially funded. Applicants will be notified via district email once the committee has reviewed your application.


International travel must be approved by the Chancellor. You must download and process the form PRIOR to submitting your Smartsheet application. The form can be found at the following link:


International Travel Authorization College Related Business Board Policy 4176

After obtaining the required signatures, bring the form to the Chancellor's Office. After it has been approved by the Chancellor, the Chancellor's Office will email it back to you. The form should then be attached to your Smartsheet application.

Conference and Travel Policy and Procedures

  • Applicant is responsible for all costs and will be reimbursed for approved expenses upon return from the conference and the submission of a completed trip voucher.
  • Professional Conference Funds, Policies (pdf)
  • Upon return from your trip, you'll receive an email prompting you to update your Smartsheet form with a completed a Trip Voucher and receipts. You must upload your Voucher and receipts within 30 days of your return or your funds will be forfeited.
    Note: If any travel expenses were charged to a district pro card:
    1. Print out the Banner budget screen of the pro-card account once the expenses hit that budget: the specific screen is titled "Organization Budget Status Detail Report", and it MUST have a "Document Code" column. Yellow-highlight the expenses with notes about what they are..
    2. Collect any receipts
    3. Send the budget printout (with the budget's FOAP) and receipts to Erika Cervantes at She will fill out an expense transfer form (xls) and credit your pro-card account from the travel fund.

Conference Funding Application

  • Submit your application and all required documentation via Smartsheets. Please note that the software does not save the data as you fill it out. Please be sure to have all of your event information prior to beginning this application. This application could take up to 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Notification of committee approval and all related correspondence will be sent through your District Email address.

Travel and Conference Quick Forms

Reimbursement - All banner forms

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