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President's Communiqué

Coronavirus Update #6 – Resiliency

March 16, 2020

The only constant in life is change!” 

Never has a phrase seem more apropos to describe the state of our lives today.  

The key is resiliency. 

As we teach our students to be resilient, it is also our turn to be resilient for them.  

As Chancellor wrote this morning, “Following the order put into place today in six Bay Area counties, we are directing Foothill-De Anza employees to shelter at their place of residence starting at 12:01 a.m. March 17.” 

Indeed, this latest development of a shelter in place order by Santa Clara County Health Officer accelerates our plan.  

If you have not done so yet, please come up to campus tomorrow (Tuesday) to pick up any supplies or items you might need to enable you to work from home. Be sure to connect with your manager whether you’d like to use a Foothill College office chair or desktop computer for the duration of the time you will be working from home. This link provides some useful “don’t forget to pack” tips on preparing to work virtually. Thanks AVP Teresa Ong for putting it together! 

Utilizing an exception in the order for “essential businesses” such as colleges, Foothill employees may come in tomorrow (Tuesday) for a short period to pack for the 3-week shelter-in-place, virtual work. Just in case you are stopped by police, please show your employee ID, and let them know that the college is an “essential business” and that you are going to the college for only a brief period to pack for work virtually. Feel free to show them this communiqué - if need!

As of tomorrow (Tuesday), we will be a 100% virtual campus.  

Don’t forget, we have the 20-minute daily Zoom briefing, so join your colleagues if you can every day at 9:30 AM: Thank you, Dr. Laurie Scolari for facilitating today’s briefing, and to Cabinet and all of you for engaging! At one point, there were 146 participants.  

Please take care of yourself and practice recommended social distancing protocols. Reach out to your colleagues by email, text, or Zoom on a regular basis; we must support our students AND each other! 


Of Service,