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President's Communiqué

"Miss Rona"

President’s Bi-Weekly Briefing with special guest Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Monday, April 20: 4:00 pm – 4:25 pm
Main Topic: CARES federal stimulus
Same Zoom link/number:


At Thursday’s briefing, Prof. Debra Lew asked Asm. Evan Low what we could do to stop the racism toward the API community, and this is what the Assemblymember said (Zoom transcript):

Low Zoom Transcript


Asm. Low did not know that we are, in fact, doing such a Public Service Announcement (PSA) effort by ASFC! Please encourage students to participate. Maybe even give a class credit for participating in the PSA contest? The deadline is this Thursday, April 23. 

COVID PSA contest

Lené, I texted Asm. Low afterwards to thank him and showed him your chatroom comment about his name: LOW and OWL!

Woody and Buzz meme

This is a meme from an email that Librarian Paul (aka “Pawel”) Szponar sent to the ETS team that outfitted the 250 Chromebooks for student use. Many thanks to:

Mike Banks
Shan Lu
Thomas Marks
Bernie Paragas
John Vandercook
Victor Baliguat

Thanks also to our Library team and Paul Szponar!

Remember, the expanded Online Learning team offers 50 hours of one-on-one drop in office hours each week, including early morning and evening hours, and continuing weekly workshops. 

Congrats to Prof. Charleen Earley and her journalism class for a second production of the Foothill Poppy Magazine! One student wrote about her experience due to the pandemic.  

Call coronavirus miss rona

Naming it "miss rona" as a coping mechanism . . . 

We will be sending another mass email communication to students to encourage them to stay enrolled and seek resources including filling out this Emergency Relief Fund Request.

More on how the college plans to distribute the CARES funds directly to students at our 4 pm briefing on Monday . . .

Of Service,