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Alexis AguilarF Geography Instructor 650.949.7580Email
Arthur ArdizzoneP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Steve BathamF History Instructor (650) 949-7217Email
Mark BauermeisterP Sociology/Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Lloyd BensonP Accounting Instructor 530.360.1889Email
Sean BowmanP Accounting Instructor Email
David BushP History Instructor Email
Rebecca ButlerP Accounting Instructor Email
Falk CamminF Program Director, Humanities Mellon Scholars Program & Humanities & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7442Email
Christine CarducciP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Alexander ChanP Accounting Instructor Email
Michael ChangP Business Instructor 650.949.7241Email
Ronald ChunP Business Instructor 415.977.1300Email
Allison ClarkP Psychology Instructor Email
Samuel ConnellF Anthropology, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7197Email
Maryam DahaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Aida DargahiP Humanities and Honors Instructor & Director of the Humanities Lecture Series n/aEmail
Katherine DavidsonP Anthropology Instructor 541.600.6909Email
M. Kathryn DavisP Geography Instructor 650.867.8987Email
Dolores DavisonF History & Women's Studies Instructor (650) 949-7196Email
Maria DominguezF Child Development Instructor 408.745.8042Email
Lisa DrakeF Accounting Instructor (650) 949-7569Email
Ben DubinP Managing Partner - FuncMed Ventures 408-621-0170 (mobile)Email
Angelica DupreeP Economics Instructor Email
Brian EvansF Economics & Honors Instructor use emailEmail
Farima FakoorP Accounting Instructor 408.674.2939Email
John FoxF Sociology, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7419Email
Justin GauthierP Psychology Instructor
Nancy GhodratP Accounting Instructor Email
Patricia GibbsF Professor, Chair, Sociology Department / Campus Tenure Review Coordinator (650) 949-7474Email
Denise GiottaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Juston GlassP Accounting Instructor 650.949.7777Email
Mark GonnermanP Humanities Instructor Email
Ana GonzalezP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Margaret HamzaP Accounting Instructor Email
Anthony HansonP Philosophy Instructor Email
Mark HarmonP Business & Political Science Instructor n/aEmail
Meredith HeiserP Political Science & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7649Email
David HoekengaP Humanities and Philosophy Instructor Email
Kurt HuegF Division Dean (650) 949-7394Email
Tony KashaniP Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Julie KennedyP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Nicole KerbeyF Child Development Instructor, Dept. Chair (408)745-8056Email
Timothy KingP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Claire KoukoutsakisP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Mary Ashley LattaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Natalie LatteriP Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Laurence LewF Business Instructor (650) 949-6138Email
Eta LinF Psychology & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7669Email
Irene LuiP Accounting Instructor Email
Natasha MancusoF Business Instructor 650.949.7577Email
Kathryn MaurerF Anthropology, Global Studies & Honors Instructor 650.949.7751Email
Gayle MayekawaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Joe MayerP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Steven McGriffP Instructor Learning in New Media Classrooms (LINC) 650.949.7680Email
Megan McNamaraP Sociology Instructor 831-345-5510Email
K. Allison Lenkeit MeezanF Geography, GIS & Global Studies Instructor 650.949.7166Email
Jose NavaF Accounting, Business Instructor (650) 949-7186Email
Linda NeffP Anthropology Instructor 928-637-5606Email
Gabriel NegreteP Accounting Instructor 650.555.5555Email
Irina NovikovP Accounting Instructor Email
Jay PatykF Economics Instructor (650) 949-7471Email
Cassandra PereiraP Email
Emily PolivkaP Accounting Instructor Email
Paul PonleithnerP Accounting Instructor Email
Jennifer PriceP Anthropology Instructor Email
Mona RawalP Philosophy and Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Tiffany RideauxF Psychology Instructor (650) 949-7412Email
Kerri RyerF Political Science Instructor (650) 949-7649Email
Katherine SchaefersP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Sara SeyedinF Accounting Department Chair & Professor of Accounting and Business 650.949.7483Email
Jenevieve Silva_SSF Administrative Assistant II Email
Sheila SmithP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Ben StefonikF Psychology & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7473Email
Anan SturgessP Accounting Instructor 408.645.0805Email
Brian TapiaF Philosophy Instructor (650) 949-7312Email
Joe TorrettoP Accounting Instructor 408.569.1844Email
Nicholas TuttleF Psychology Instructor (650) 949-7056Email
Paula J. VaughanP Humanities and Honors Instructor Email
Lisa Verissimo IraP Economics Instructor Email
John WolfP Anthropology & Honors Instructor n/aEmail
Tai Yung D WongP Business Instructor 510.735.8889Email
Catherina WongP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Joseph WoolcockF Political Science, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7745Email
Jie ZhouP Accounting Instructor Email
Bill ZiegenhornF History Instructor (650) 949-7799Email