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Global Studies

About the Program

Global Studies—an Interdisciplinary Approach to our Interconnectedness

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major that helps students understand critical concepts—such as the value of international infrastructure and  global citizenship, as well as the idea that what is a seemingly inconsequential action, like buying a T-shirt, actually has a domino effect that creates many ripples across continents.

Take GLST 1- Global Studies this Spring!

Have you ever wondered... 

  • Where did the Queen get her diamonds & why does it matter?
  • What does the United Nations actually do?
  • Why does Dolly Parton resonate with migrants across the world? And for that matter, why is K-Pop so popular in Israel & Palestine?
  • How is the cost of gas affecting economies around the world?
  • What kind of cultures do online gaming communities create?

Then check out Global Studies 1!

For details to register, see the Global Studies schedule of classes. Join us to learn how you fit in our globalized world.

Career Paths for Global Studies Majors


Business & Finance

  • Banking and Investment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Logistics & Trade
  • Translation
  • International Aid


  • Language Instruction
  • Accessible Education
  • Exchange Programs
  • International Schools

Entertainment & Leisure

  • International Marketing
  • Translation
  • Travel and Aviation


  • International Aid
  • Translation
  • Advocacy, Activism in Human Rights, Labor, etc.
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Law and Policy
  • Peace Corps

Health, Social and Economic Well-Being

  • Health Access
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Translation
  • International Aid


GS Skills


Earn an AA-T in Global Studies

Select program map for a possible schedule that fulfills program and college requirements.

For program requirements and full course listings, view degrees and certificates information.

Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree

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Global Studies

Julie Jenkins, 650.949.7430

Office 3005, Main Campus

Division Office Contacts

Aaron Korngiebel, Division Dean
Business & Social Sciences Division


Student Perspectives


Global Studies at Foothill College introduced me to several different academic disciplines. The opportunities it provided also helped me to discover new life and career pathways that I hadn't considered before. Anthropology, political science, economics, art history, communications, and foreign language are only some of the areas I was fortunate enough to have amazing experiences in!


As I continue down my career path in international policy research and eventually international law, I will always remain thankful to Foothill's Global Studies department for giving me the chance to succeed and grow, especially as a person with an even wider perspective of the situations we all face today. I would absolutely recommend the major to anyone. Broaden your horizons!

~ Abigail Manalese 


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