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Course Information

Math 44: Liberal Arts Math

Course Description

A survey of mathematical models and other tools to introduce the nonspecialist to the methods of quantitative reasoning. Problem solving by Polya's method with analytic, numeric, graphical, and verbal investigation. Selecting, constructing, and using mathematical models. Interpreting quantitative results in qualitative context. Emphasis on deductive reasoning and formal logic; algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric models; probability and the normal distribution; data analysis; and selected topics from discrete math, finite math, and statistics.

Support: Embedded Classroom Support

Units: 5

Course Outcomes

Students will

  • Students will apply Polya’s problem-solving method to solve problems from a variety of qualitative contexts. They will select, construct, and use mathematical models, identifying salient features of particular phenomena and interpreting and justifying the reasonableness of their results.
  • Students will develop conceptual understanding of Polya’s problem-solving method. They will demonstrate this understanding by communicating/presenting their thinking on each of the four steps: understanding, planning, acting, checking.
  • Students will investigate particular phenomena analytically, numerically, graphically, and verbally.

Grade Type: Letter Grade, the student may select Pass/No Pass

Hours: 5 hours per week

Intended Majors/Careers: All liberal arts and humanities majors, also life and social science majors that do not specifically require statistics or calculus.

Transferable to:  Course credit applies toward the associate degree, satisfies UC IGETC area 2 and CSU-Breadth area 4 general ed math requirements, and is eligible for transfer to UC, CSU, and many private universities

Advisory: Demonstrated proficiency in English by placement as determined by score on the English placement test OR through an equivalent placement process OR completion of ESLL 125 & ESLL 249

Prerequisite Skills: Appropriate placement

Sample Syllabus: Math 44 Liberal Arts Math varies by instructor

Sample homework assignments and quizzes: Varies by instructor

Hours of homework/night: approximately 10 hours per week

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