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The online training resources and webinars listed here represent an on-demand library of current topics of interest to the college community.  We will update the database and add additional resources continually in an effort to offer practical resources accessible 24/7.

Online Teaching Certification - Spring 2018

Monday, April 30, at 1:00 pm to Monday, June 4, at 1:00 pm

In a community of online teachers, we will explore the key component of an accessible, effective online course. Lessons will include informative modules, relevant discussions, helpful exercises, peer-to-peer critique and the creation of a final project.

Through the development of a sample lesson and assessment as well as feedback from your peers, you will grow in your skills and understanding of online teaching and bring your insights back to your students. Join us in this exciting online class.

Topics covered include:
  • Universal design
  • Student engagement
  • Student learning
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Accessibility
  • Equity

This is an online class that runs for 6 weeks (January 29 - March 11). You should anticipate spending 3 hours per week for a total of about 18 hours to successfully complete the requirements to earn your Foothill College Online Teaching Certification.

Important Note: This is a class about online pedagogy. Upon successful completion of class requirements, you will be eligible to apply for 18 hours of professional development participation (equivalent to 1 unit of PGA). This is NOT the Canvas Certification class which is required in order for you to teach using Canvas at Foothill College.

Registration is over. Check back later for dates when the course will be run again.

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