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Housing Insecurity Resources

How We Can Help

The purpose of the Housing Insecurity Resources webpage is to provide the most up-to-date county and community housing resources available to assist Foothill College students who are facing homelessness or who are housing insecure. 

Please Note: Foothill does not provide student housing nor do we act as a liaison to local apartment housing.

Are You a Military Veteran?

If you are a Foothill College student Military Veteran, contact our Veterans Resource Center to learn about the  Foothill College Veterans Housing Assistance Fund

More Referrals & Partners to Come

We are currently building our housing  referrals and partnership list. 

If you know of organizations within your community that may help to house  college students or programs you have benefitted from, please contact Sonia Sanchez Santoyo at,

Have you applied for Financial Aid?

Students who meet Federal and State eligibility criteria, are eligible to apply for Financial Aid.

Housing is an expense consideration when Financial Aid is awarded.

Apply for Financial Aid

For more information, contact the Foothill College Financial Aid Office

Support Resources for Undocumented Students

For off-campus services,  select a link.

Self-Refer with Our Partners

 We encourage you to connect with these established partners. 

The Bill Wilson Center

The Bill Wilson Center will assist students who are homeless or at risk of being homeless with immediate rental support.

Bill Wilson Center Website

Local & Private Rental Opportunities

All private rental opportunities are solicited by current Foothill or local students and property owners who live in the surrounding area who have notified Foothill College of available rooms or house sharing opportunities.

View Current Listing

International Student Resources

Like most community colleges, Foothill does not have housing on campus; however, the International Programs Office offers resources and assistance to help our international students find comfortable housing options. 

Learn more here



More Santa Clara County and Community Resources

Housing Insecurity and Homelessness Defined

Are you a Foothill student who is housing insecure or homeless?

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Don't Know?

Housing Insecure and Homelessness Defined

Housing insecure means you are experiencing a set of broad housing issues and risk factors, including frequent moves, crowded living space, poor housing quality, or the inability to afford rent or bills.

Homelessness means you are absent of  a place to live, which includes if you are living in a shelter, vehicle or abandoned structure.

If any of the above describes your housing situation, our Homeless Student Support Resources may be helpful to you.

Parking Your Vehicle: Safe Spaces



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