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AB 367 Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2021

In accordance with Education Code section 66027.7, community college districts shall stock an adequate supply of menstrual products (menstrual pads and tampons for use in connection with the menstrual cycle), available and accessible, free of cost, at no fewer than one designated and accessible central location on each campus. 

Location for Free Menstrual Products on Campus

You'll find free menstrual tampons and pads for pick up in the following locations. Download a map for visual reference

  • Health Center — Lower Campus, Building 2100 (Room 2126)
  • Women’s Locker Room Restroom —  Building 2800 (Room 2801)
  • Library Women’s Restroom —  Building 3500 (Room 3502)
  • PSEC Quad Area Gender Neutral Restroom — Building 4400 (Room 4424)
  • Cesar Chavez Plaza Women’s Restroom — Upper Campus, Building 2000 (Room 2024)
  • Cesar Chavez Plaza Men’s Restroom — Upper Campus, Building 2000 (Room 2023)
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