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PE Activity Courses

We encourage you to take a 1-unit physical activity class quarterly as part of your academic schedule — to develop life-long health and wellness habits.

Select from these course listings:

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Exercise Your Options with Kinesiology

Kinesiology classes introduce you to the basic physiological, psychological, sociological and mechanical principles of human movement.

Degrees & Certificates

If you love the challenges of physical activities and sports and the rewards that come with it, consider a career in one of the fields of Kinesiology.

We've Got Something for Everyone

We offer a broad selection of PE activity classes for all students — whether your goal is to

  • relieve stress between classes with yoga or a fun game of ping pong
  • improve your golf or bowling game
  • learn the art of archery in a fun environment with new friends
  • or strengthen and condition your body for a summer backpacking trip

Sampling of PE classes offered throughout the year:

  • AQUATICS: Swimming, Water Exercise and Awareness
  • CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS: Walking, Running, Hiking and Indoor Cycling
  • COMBATIVES: Tai Chi and Kickboxing
  • CROSS TRAINING: Thighs, Abs and Glutues; Interval, Bootcamp and Survivor Training and more
  • FLEXIBILITY: Pilates, Yoga, Core Conditioning and Stretching
  • INDIVIDUAL SPORTS: Golf, Tennis, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Archery, Badminton and Bowling
  • STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT: Nutritional Assessment/Fitness; Circuit Training; Weight Lifting and more
  • TEAM SPORTS: Water Polo, Softball, Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
  • DANCE: Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Ballroom & Social Dance; Hip Hop
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Kinesiology & Athletics Division


RM 2701, Main Campus

Division Office Contacts

Office: Building 2700, Room 2701
Debbie Lee, Interim Division Dean
Phone: 650.949.7156
Mike Teijeiro, Athletic Director
Phone: 650.949.7380
Liz Hunter
Division Administrative Assistant
Phone: 650.949.7742
Kinesiology & Athletics Division

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