Physical Activity Classes (PHED)

The Kinesiology Department provides a broad selection of PE activity classes. We encourage current students to take a 1-unit physical activity class quarterly as part of their academic schedules — to develop life-long health and wellness habits.

We've got something for everyone whether your goal is to

  • relieve stress between classes with yoga or a fun game of ping pong
  • improve your golf or bowling game
  • learn the art of archery in a fun environment with new friends
  • or strengthen and condition your body for a summer backpacking trip

For upcoming classes, view the Schedule of Classes for Physical Education (PHED) and Dance (DANC).

Check out a sampling of PE activity classes offered throughout the year:

  • Aquatics: Swimming, Water Exercise and Awareness
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Walking, Running, Hiking and Indoor Cycling
  • Combatives: Tai Chi and Kickboxing
  • Cross Training: Thighs, Abs and Glutues; Interval, Bootcamp and Survivor Training and more
  • Flexibility: Pilates, Yoga, Core Conditioning and Stretching
  • Individual Sports: Golf, Tennis, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Archery, Badminton and Bowling
  • Strength Development: Nutritional Assessment/Fitness; Circuit Training; Weight Lifting and more
  • Team Sports: Water Polo, Softball, Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Dance: Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Ballroom & Social Dance; Hip Hop

Degree and Certificate Programs

Foothill students may earn the following degrees and/or certificates through the Kinesiology and Athletics Division.

Athletic Competitive Sport Programs

Our comprehensive all-sports Athletic program includes 13 teams — 8 for women, 5 for men.

We are proud to support our 300+ student-athletes in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.

Our faculty, coaches and professional staff provide opportunities for skill, strength, and strategy development while also creating a supportive environment in which student-athletes can build academic habits and time management skills.

While our highly competitive teams are regularly rewarded with post-conference opportunities, Foothill student-athletes are expected to work hard in the classroom as well.

Our strong transfer success rates show that hard work pays off. There are Foothill Owls across the state and across the country earning 4-year degrees, competing at the next level, and reaching their goals. We invite you to visit us for a class or event, and share in Foothill Owl pride!

Our Mission

The mission of the Kinesiology and Athletics Division is to promote healthy living and healthy choices in our diverse student community.

With unwavering dedication and commitment to the intellectual, athletic, and aesthetic expression of the human experience, we provide learning opportunities through a wide variety of challenging classes and physical activities that promote mind-body connections in an open, respectful, interactive environment enriched by creativity, fun, and passion.

Kinesiology & Athletics Division

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