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"I have been working as a research administrator at Stanford for the last decade, but my heart tells me that my passion is about plants and nature.

Having close contact with plants, trees and soil makes me happy. I feel content knowing that I will be able to contribute my learning to a healthier environment, to bring beauty to other lives and the community. 

I love everything I have learned so far. The Foothill horticulture program gives me courage and hope to change my career. I never thought that I could turn my passion into a career until I found this exciting program at Foothill, it made my dream become true. 

The horticulture program opened up another door, I see a bright future and brand new world waiting for me to contribute what I have learned in school."

~Jing Yan

The list of things that make this program special is long, so I’ll just name a few.

There’s the location and facility — what an amazing opportunity to get real, hands-on experience in the exact environment we’ll be working in every day.

By far my favorite part has been the other students I’ve met and become friends with. Their diverse backgrounds have been so wonderful and educational in their own right.  When you add in the strength of the teaching staff, there’s an abundance of knowledge available.

Plus, there are so many different and interesting careers possible in the green industry, most of which I’d never heard of until joining this program. 

Whenever I talk to people in the industry and say I’ve gone to Foothill, there’s immediate recognition and acceptance because they know how strong the program is. And, the networking opportunities I’ve had thanks to this program cannot be overstated.

Former students who are current designers and contractors have been so generous with their time and are so eager to help current and recent students. There’s just so much warmth and camaraderie, it’s a truly special place.


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