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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Do I need to apply to the program?

No. Applications are not required.

Q. Do I need to wait until the fall to join the program?

Students may join the program during any quarter. For advising please contact the Program Director, Dan Svenson at (650) 949-7402.

Q. I am an older, re-entry student. Will I feel out of place with all the younger students?

95% of the OH Program students are 're-entry' students. Ages of our students have ranged from 13 to 92. Most students are in the 25 to 55 age group.

Q. I am a homeowner interested in classes for my own personal use. What classes do you recommend?

The Horticulture Department at Foothill College offers a series short courses tailored to homeowners' interests. Typical offerings include Pruning Skills, Landscape Lighting, Residential Landscape Design, Plant Propagation, Plant Nutrition, and Residential Irrigation Systems.

Q: Does your program prepare students for transfer to a 4-year Horticulture Program?

The A.S. Degree in Environmental Horticulture and Deisgn usually satisfies the transfer requirements for 4-year programs such as Cal Poly and U.C. Berkeley. Check with the Program Director, Dan Svenson, for more information.

Q: What is the difference between an A.S. degree and a Certificate?

A: The A.S. degree includes the college's general education requirement. The certificates offered include both a core “Skills” certificate as well as a specialization “Career” certificate. Please contact the Program Director, Dan Svenson, at (650) 949-7402 for additional information.


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