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Governance Structure 2009-10 to 2017-18

The previous governance structure dated back to 2009-10.

  • There were four (4) mission-based workgroups with tri-chairs that served as representatives on the Planning and Resource Council (PaRC).
  • The structure also included a Program Review Committee and an Operations and Planning Committee.
  • Over the years, additional groups were created, such as the technology taskforce, the professional development committee, and the assessment taskforce.


You can view the old governance committee structure and archived websites active prior to 2018-2019 .

Workgroups and Committees

Planning & Resource Council (PaRC)

PaRC is responsible for discussing matters related to college planning and resource allocation and its impact on student learning.

PaRC membership includes:

PaRC Tri-Chairs — College President (non-voting), Academic Senate President & Classified Senate President

ASFC Representation — ASFC President, ASFC Student Trustee & (2) ASFC Members

Core Mission Workgroup Tri-Chairs — Basic Skills, Student Equity, Transfer and Workforce

Operations Planning Committee (OPC) Tri-Chairs

Ex-Officio (nonvoting) — President's Cabinet, Bargaining Unit Representatives, Executive Assistant to the President

Committee Alphabetical Listing

Core Mission Workgroups

Constituency Senates

Other Committee and Advisory Groups