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Governance at Foothil

College governance provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to express their opinions and provide feedback to the college president on college planning, allocation of resources, and the evaluation of institutional effectiveness.

A New Governance Model

Starting 2018-2019, our college governance model follows the Educational Master Plan goals and includes four (4) independent governance committees — Community & Communication; Equity & Education; Revenue & Resources, and the overall planning College Advisory Council — with a focus on Students.

Governance Model with four circles, including Council, Equity & Education, Revenue & Resources, Community & Community and Students in the middle

Constituency senates, as well as subcommittees of the Academic Senate, such as the Curriculum Committee, and other operational committees, such as financial aid scholarship reader, will continue to operate.

Learn more about committee topic areas, operations and logistics, and member roles and responsibilities or follow a selection below to directly access specific committee or constituency senate information.


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