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Data Analytics Certificate Program

The Data Analytics profession is exploding and our Data Analytics Certificate Program can help you to get started! 

Data is everywhere nowadays. Any business that wishes to succeed needs to hire data professionals to help them transform data into meaningful insights for the business. Over the past several years, data analytics has become a career path that is both highly demanded and well rewarded.

People who pursue data analytics can expect to work in careers involving the analysis of data to make businesses successful. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that people who become data analytics professionals can expect to enjoy stable employment and excellent compensation for the foreseeable future.

The Data Analytics Certificate Program is designed to help students explore this exciting career path, and to expose you to the fundamental knowledge and tangible skills needed to get started right away in today’s job marketplace.

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By participating in this program you will be able to:

Acquire basic skills and knowledge required to obtain entry-level positions in the exciting field of Data Analytics including:

  • An understanding of data and how to apply data analysis to improve businesses
    • Basic tools and techniques used to analyze and visualize data
    • An introduction to databases, including what they are, how they work and how to interact with them
    • Fundamental mathematical and statistical concepts used in data analytics 
  • Gain exposure to data analytics in a supportive environment to determine if it is a viable career path for you
  • Prepare yourself to get started as a data analytics professional

Who is this program for?

The Data Analytics Certificate Program is for anyone who is interested in exploring the field of data analytics, and is particularly designed for those who might want to get started, but who – for whatever reason – may think “that’s not for me” or “I’m not well-suited for that”.

Contrary to popular belief, data analytics doesn’t necessarily require that you have a Ph.D. or decades of experience to get started in the field. The Foothill Data Analytics Program will help you to break through the veil of mystery and exclusivity that often accompanies the field so that you can obtain the skills and experience needed to be competitive in this lucrative and exciting industry.

What does the certificate consist of?

The 23-unit Certificate of Achievement in Data Analytics includes five core courses offered throughout the academic year.

  1. BUSI 11 Introduction to Management Information Systems (5 units)
  2. BUSI 12 Introduction to Data Analytics and Business Decisions (4 Units)
  3. MATH 10 Statistics (5 Units)
  4. C S 31A Introduction to Database Management Systems (4.5 Units)
  5. C S 48A Data Visualization (4.5 Units)

All courses in the certificate are generally offered every quarter, and the certificate can be obtained fully online. No prior knowledge is necessary to start the program, and there are no pre-requisites for any of the 5 courses, although it is recommended that students take BUSI 11 and BUSI 12 (BUSI 11 followed by BUSI 12) at or near the beginning of the program. 

See the course catalog for detailed class descriptions.

See the schedule of classes for courses offered this and upcoming terms.

If you have questions, please contact us.

For further information please contact Program Coordinator Laurence Lew at

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