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CA = Certificate of Achievement
CP = Certificate of Proficiency

  • AA in Music Technology
  • CA in Music Technology
  • CA in Pro Tools
  • CP in Audio Post Production
  • CP in Electronic Music
  • CP in Game Audio
  • CP in Music Business
  • CP in Songwriting

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About the Program

Foothill College offers a comprehensive course of study toward an Associate in Arts Degree in Music Technology, as well as a variety of certificates to choose from for building and upgrading industry skills.

The Music Technology Program will prepare you for an entry-level career in recording arts, marketing and merchandising, concert promotion, online delivery, sound for video, and a host of other media-based career options. Pathways lead to transfer to a four-year institution and/or career opportunities in diverse fields.

What Students Say

"The value of this program at a community college is that you can't get anything like it anywhere else.There's such a strong community atmosphere in the program, and you really learn how to collaborate with others. It's very supportive." - Vic. L

Cutting-Edge Curriculum at an Affordable Cost

Foothill College created one of the first music technology programs in the country, launching classes in 1997, and remains one of the nation’s top programs, offering outstanding instruction and professional-quality facilities.

Our program provides a very cost–efficient option for students considering public or private universities.


We offer both on–campus and online courses in Studio Recording, Electronic Music, Game Audio, Songwriting, Music Business, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, and Ableton Live, with instruction based on real world industry standards. These courses are the workforce element of the Music Department.

By constantly updating and refining our curriculum, the program remains current with the most recent developments in the area of music technology and digital media content creation. No music technology program in the country offers as large a selection of music technology courses as Foothill does.

Take a quick look at our fall course offering below or see our online searchable schedule for full details.

Winter 2017 Courses

ANDERSON MUS9B - Music & Media: Hendrix to Hip Hop
ANDERSON MUS11A - Jazz & Swing
ANDERSON MUS11B - Funk, Fusion, & Hip Hop
ANDERSON MTEC80B - Entertainment Law
BRUNO MTEC80C - Basics of Music Publishing
BRUNO MTEC88 - Songwriting
DONNER MTEC60A - Recording in the Home Studio I
GOLDFARB MTEC80A - Music Business
KUEHNL MUS11F - Video Games & Popular Culture
KUEHNL MTEC50A - Introduction to Music Technology
KUEHNL MTEC51A/B - Studio Recording I & II
KUEHNL MTEC62A/B - Composing & Producing Electronic Music I & II
KUEHNL MTEC70A - Pro Tools 101 - Avid Certification
KUEHNL MTEC70B - Pro Tools 110 - Avid Certification
PRIMEAU MTEC72A - Making Music with Reason
WELLER MTEC82B - Mastering, Marketing & Managing Your Music

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