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ASFC Welcome Center

Free Speech & Outside Vendor "Time, Place and Manner"

Free Speech / Vendor Request Form


Visitor Fee Schedule

Free Speech Area Visitor

Fee: Free. 

Area is limited to the bricked area of the Cesar Chavez Plaza. Amplified sound is strictly prohibited. May not solicit for donations, request for funds, sales, etc.

Merchandise based vendor

Fee: $30.00 per day (mon, tues, thur, fri)

Selling books, clothing, crafts, etc

Client / service / marketing based vendor

Fee: $60.00 per day (mon, tues, thur, fri)

Marketing cell phones, discount tickets, insurance, legal aid, memberships, fitness centers, newspapers, etc.

Non-profit solicitors

Fee: $15.00 per day (mon, tues, thur, fri)

Charities or other non-profit organizations including request for donations, selling raffle tickets, etc.

These Education Codes, Title 5, and Board Policies oblige the College to specify “reasonable provisions for the time, place, and manner” of conducting activities that exercise freedom of expression and public vending.

Vendors and Other Solicitors

In accordance with Title 5, section 42352

(a) no person or persons shall upon any of the grounds of any campus … distribute any advertising handbills or circulars which contain false, misleading, or illegal advertising and

(b) the distribution of written or printed matter shall be permitted on campus, subject … to reasonable directives by the campus president as to the time, place and manner thereof.

All for-profit vendors and non-profit solicitors must:

  1. Complete the Vendor / Free Speech Request form
  2. Check in at the ASFC Welcome Center, room 2016 in the Campus Center
  3. Receive a visitor’s badge
  4. Pay fee per the associated fee schedule.

Vendor / Solicitor Fee Payment Method

  • We do not accept credit or debit cards
  • Please pay by cash or checks only
  • Make checks out to “Foothill College, Student Activities.”

Day of Set Up

  • Vending space is outdoors only in the sunken Library Quad area.
  • Marketing of credit cards is prohibited.
  • Vendors are allowed to bring 6-foot or smaller tables and one 10x10-foot tent.
  • Sales of published materials available at the Campus Store is prohibited.
  • Obscene material, and distribution of term papers, theses or other material to be submitted for academic credit is prohibited.


All military recruiters must wear official uniforms and provide an identification badge.


Free Speech Area

Persons wishing to speak, petition, or hand out non-profit material:

  • Limited to the bricked Cesar Chavez Plaza area.
  • No furniture or equipment is permitted
  • Tables are not allowed, but you may bring hand-held signs (no banners)

When arriving on campus, please check in with the ASFC Welcome Center, room 2016 in the Campus Center.

For further details, please visit the ASFC Welcome, call 650.949.7341, or email


College Representative Visits

Representatives from other colleges must reserve available venues through the Transfer Center.



Campus Center Building

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Campus Center, Building 2000 Upper Level Room 2016