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STEAM Instructional Leadership 2020-2021

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The Certificate of Achievement in STEAM Instructional Leadership is designed for students working in or planning for a career in K-12 education, extracurricular programs, or STEAM outreach in for-profit and non-profit organizations. The program provides 12 units of instruction and support for the integration of STEAM throughout curriculum in a culturally responsive manner. Courses will focus on technology integration into STEAM lessons, evaluating instructional programs, and data analysis tools. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to develop and support STEAM initiatives in their districts, schools, counties, and communities, as well as provide relevant workshops and courses in STEAM instruction.

Program Learning Outcomes:

- Students will be able to integrate multiple STEAM disciplines into their curriculum.
- Students will be able to teach STEAM using culturally responsive practices that will support a diverse body of teachers and students.
- Students will be able to identify emerging STEAM fields that will influence instruction and workforce development.
- Students will be able to facilitate professional development for their peers/staff to incorporate STEAM into all subject areas.
- Students will be able to influence curriculum decisions around STEAM based on best practices and high content knowledge.
- Students will be able to facilitate interactions and collaboration to build a community that fosters active learning.
- Students will be able to identify technology that will facilitate the learning of STEAM in engaging and meaningful ways.
- Students will be able to curate and create STEAM instructional materials, tools, strategies, and resources to engage all learners and ensure achievement of academic goals.

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 12
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in STEAM Instructional Leadership

Units: 12

Prerequisite Skills: Basic skills using standard computer systems and internet-based technologies. Prerequisite skills in instructional design and use of common educational technologies are highly encouraged, but not required.

LINC 53 Integrating Technology into Mathematics (1 unit)
LINC 63 Cloud-Based Data Analysis Tools (1 unit)
LINC 88 Introduction to Computer Operating Systems (4 units)
LINC 91A Introduction to Assessing Instructional Technology (3 units)

And select 3 units from the following:
LINC 50A Technology in the K-12 Classroom II (0.5 units)
LINC 50B Technology in the K-12 Classroom III (0.5 units)
LINC 53B Integrating Technology into Mathematics Grades 6-8 (0.5 units)
LINC 78A Computational Thinking for Educators (2 units)
LINC 79 Multimedia Project Production (2 units)
LINC 91B Evaluating Technology-Based Learning Outcomes (3 units)
LINC 91C Evaluating Instructional Programs (3 units)
LINC 96B Handheld Digital Media Devices I (0.5 units)
LINC 98A Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age I (0.5 units)
LINC 98B Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age II (0.5 units)

Control Information:
2020-2021 | Status: Approved | Modified: 2021-05-14 10:11:46 | Dept Code: LINC

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