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Online and Blended Instruction 2020-2021

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The Certificate of Achievement in Online and Blended Instruction is designed for students working in or planning for a career in online human resource training and development or education; in-service and pre-service teachers; educators at any level; and those working as trainers for any market sector. The program provides 15 units of instruction and support for developing online courses in learning management systems, designing and assessing meaningful learning objectives, monitoring student progress and engagement, building virtual communities that embrace diversity, developing learning materials that are accessible to diverse audiences, developing activities to promote engagement, and creating interactive multimedia to support learning. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to develop and successfully facilitate courses, workshops, and trainings in an online or blended environment.

Program Learning Outcomes:

-Students will be able to demonstrate professional responsibilities in keeping with the best practices of online instruction.
-Students will be able to support learning and facilitate presence (teacher, social, and learner) with digital pedagogy.
-Students will be able to facilitate interactions and collaboration to build a supportive online community that fosters active learning.
-Students will be able to promote learner success through interactions with learners and other stakeholders and by facilitating meaningful learner engagement in learning activities.
-Students will be able to model, guide, and encourage legal, ethical, and safe behavior related to technology use.
-Students will be able to personalize instruction based on the learner's diverse academic, social, and emotional needs.
-Students will be able to create and/or implement assessments in online learning environments in ways that ensure the validity and reliability of the instruments and procedures.
-Students will be able to measure learner progress through assessments, projects, and assignments that meet standards-based learning goals, and evaluate learner understanding of how these assessments measure achievement of the learning objectives.
-Students will be able to curate and create instructional materials, tools, strategies, and resources to engage all learners and ensure achievement of academic goals.

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 15
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in Online and Blended Instruction

Units: 15

LINC 57 Designing Learner-Centered Instruction (1 unit)
LINC 75A Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology (3 units)
LINC 75C Designing Online Instruction (3 units)
LINC 91B Evaluating Technology-Based Learning Outcomes (3 units)
LINC 93B Assistive Technology & Universal Access (1 unit)

And select 4 units from the following:
LINC 58 Global Project-Based Learning (2 units)
LINC 66C Searching & Researching the Internet (2 units)
LINC 67 Designing Web-Based Learning Projects (1 unit)
LINC 70 Web Page Design Overview (1 unit)
LINC 80 Multimedia Overview (1 unit)
LINC 81 Using Digital Images (1 unit)
LINC 83F Introduction to Digital Video Editing (1 unit)
LINC 90A Webinars (1 unit)
LINC 90C Online Collaboration Tools (2 units)
LINC 95B Technology Ethics & Educational Law (1 unit)
LINC 98 Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age (1 unit)

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