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Non-Credit: Bridge to College Level English Website | Language Arts Division

Non-Credit: Bridge to College Level English 2020-2021

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The Certificate of Competency in Bridge to College Level English prepares students to be successful within the English discipline as well as in courses across the disciplines that demand critical reading, writing and thinking. The core course provides a foundation upon which students build as they transition into their transfer-level English courses, and the ongoing corequisite support courses encourage students to more readily complete the first-year requirements supported by the state’s funding formula. Students will be exposed to college readiness skills courses for reading and writing at a college level, with significant focus on developing self-advocacy, agency, metacognitive awareness, and study skills, as well as reading and writing strategies to successfully complete assignments required in transfer-level courses.

Program Learning Outcomes:

-Students will be prepared to take degree-applicable credit coursework in pursuit of an associate degree or transfer.
-Students will build college readiness skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking necessary to be successful in courses across the disciplines.
-Students will develop metacognitive awareness of student success strategies for reading, writing, critical thinking and academic progress.
-Students will feel confident to seek assistance in and out of class as needed to self-advocate.
-Students will be able to identify campus resources to promote their academic success.
-Students will gain equal access to degree-applicable courses without barriers resulting from economic, national, or cultural status.

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 84-132 hours
CY = Certificate of Competency.

Certificate Requirements

Bridge to College Level English Certificate of Competency (84-132 hours)


NCEN 400 English Bridge (60 hours)
or NCEL 400 Bridge to College (60 hours)

And one of the following Support Course options:
1. NCEN 401A Bridge to Transfer English (24 hours)
2. NCEN 442A Critical Thinking: Student-Managed Portfolio Development (24 hours) and* NCEN 442B Critical Thinking: Portfolio Management & Publication (24 hours)
3. NCEL 403A Transitioning to College ESL Part 1 (36 hours) and* NCEL 403B Transitioning to College ESL Part II (36 hours)
* Both courses must be completed to fulfill the requirement.

Control Information:
2020-2021 | Status: Approved | Modified: 2020-05-29 09:48:01 | Dept Code: NCEN

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