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Canvas certification

Faculty and staff are invited to register for the online Canvas Certification course that is designed to help you master and demonstrate the basic skills needed to use the Canvas course management system.

Upon successful completion of the Canvas Certification course, you will:

  • receive "Canvas Certification"
  • become eligible to request Canvas sites for your own courses or projects.

Faculty requirements

Faculty must have "Canvas Certification" in order to use Canvas for scheduled classes at Foothill College. In order to receive "Canvas Certification" from Foothill College, you need to do at least ONE of the following:

  • Complete "Canvas Certification" online training provided by Foothill College
  • Document your prior experience with Canvas (e.g., formal Canvas training from @ONE; teaching with Canvas)

Get trained to learn how to create  Canvas courses

The Canvas Certification course is designed for Foothill College teachers and staff to learn how to create and run Canvas courses.

This course is NOT intended for

  • students or
  • teachers and staff outside of Foothill College.

Canvas Certification is self-paced so you can start and finish whenever you are ready.

  • Takes most people about 4 - 6 hours to complete
  • Log in at your convenience

Sign up for Canvas CertificationAfter you register you will be given access to Canvas where you will be enrolled in two courses,

  1. Canvas Certification - You will learn about Canvas, take quizzes, and do assignments.
  2. Practice site - You will build a Canvas course based on the assignments in Canvas Certification.

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Canvas
  • Organizing your course
  • Communicating with students
  • Assessing student work
  • Managing the Gradebook

Need help?

Make an appointment with Online Learning staff for one-on-one help to supplement the online training. If you hit a roadblock, please contact us right away.

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