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Disability Resource Center

Who to Contact


If you need an appointment with our counselors or an intake appointment, or immediate assistance, please call the DRC Main Desk at 650.949.7017.


Academic and Disability Counseling

If you need an education plan, petition, or advice/help with classes, your major, transfer, or disability related counseling.

Janet Weber
Voicemail: 650.949.7102

LeeAnn Emanuel
Voicemail: 650.949.7212

Mimi Rea
Voicemail: 650.949.7017

Bianca Melendez
Voicemail: 650.949.7094

Accommodations Intake and Arrangements

If you need accommodations, have trouble arranging accommodations or issues with testing accommodations.

San Lu (Disability & Compliant Supervisor)
Voicemail: 650.949.7503

Alternate Media

If you need an alternate media evaluation for new alternative media students such as e-text.

Mayra Palmerin-Aguilera (Accommodations Instructional Technology Coordinator)
Voicemail: 650.949.7039

Bidya Subedi (Accommodations Coordinator)
Voicemail: 650.949.7673

Computer Access Center, Deaf Services

If you need information about the Computer Access Center and classes, or if you need deaf services.

Learning Disability Services and DRC Academic Support

If you need information on diagnostic testing for learning disabilities or academic support by the DRC.

Russell Wong (Learning Disability Specialist)
Voicemail: 650.949.7040

Tools for Transition and Work (TTW)

For information on tours , visits to the program, or intakes, please call Jackie or Ben.

Jackie Brown (Administrative Assistant II - Intakes)
Phone: 650.949.7103

Ben Schwartzman (TTW Coordinator and Instructor)
Phone: 650.949.7038



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