Welcome to the Office of Instruction and Institutional Research at Foothill College. Our goal with our web site is to offer relevant and timely information on the areas under our jurisdiction:
  • Articulation
  • College Skills (Basic Skills Initiative)
  • Curriculum
  • Institutional Research
  • Program Planning & Review
  • Professional Development
  • Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment.
For updates on all of our projects, please see our
latest Foothill College Office of Instruction and Institutional Research Newsletter.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of Instruction and Institutional Research is to shape the future direction and environment of student learning at Foothill College through the implementation of creative solutions and innovative ideas in conjunction with evidence-based decision making and research.
The purpose of the Office of Instruction and Institutional Research is to facilitate and empower student learning through curriculum, articulation, research, and program planning.
Administrative Unit Outcomes
The 2015-2016 goals and objectives of the Office of Instruction and Institutional Research are to:
  • Provide students with access to current college catalog, course outlines and Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Ensure students are offered career, workforce and basic skills instruction with approved college curriculum in accordance to Title 5 and the Educational Code.
  • Provide faculty with fair and equitable evaluation and tenure processes.

Action Plans and Priorities
The following projects support our Administrative Unit Outcomes.

  • Create an environment where a free and open exchange of ideas reflects our diverse voices.
    1. Set up a monthly newsletter to communicate the actions and objectives of the Office of Instruction & Institutional Research.
    2. Enhance the website to document and deliver coherent information about this year’s initiatives.
    3. Create a feedback loop on the curriculum management system that allows users to provide constructive feedback.
  • Model and practice the core institutional values of trust, honesty, openness, forgiveness, integrity and responsibility.
    1. Clearly design and designate roles of committees and members to encourage transparency, accountability, and effectiveness throughout the college.
  • Promote student learning through the alignment of student services with academics.
    1. Implement the action items related the basic skills initiative – especially pertaining to areas that can be aligned between student services and academics to deliver a holistic solution to our students.
    2. Attempt to achieve a 100% response on the program planning annual update and integrate the responses into the basic skills, educational resources, workforce initiatives and solutions, and wherever appropriate.

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Quick Documents: For Committee Review
Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
AU-SLO Reflections Summary
CL-SLO Reflections Summary
SA-SLO Reflections Summary
PL-SLO Reflections Summary
SA-SLO Handbook
Integrated Budget & Planning Flowchart
The Annual Integrated Planning and Budget Calendar (PDF)

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