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We provide support for students and faculty participating in online learning. Find out if online learning and/or teaching is for you. Check out our guides, tutorials, and FAQs about how to use Etudes and Canvas, the online course platforms that most online faculty use.

Login Instructions for Etudes and Canvas for Students

Find out how to log in to your online class at Foothill College. First, find out if your class is using Etudes or Canvas as your online classroom. Places to look:
  1. Email messages from your instructor: A message may have information about how to login to either Etudes or Canvas.
  2. Course Information: Click on the blue, Course Info button, located on the left side of this webpage. Find your Course ID, click on it, and read the section about "How to Access the Course."
If your instructor uses Etudes or Canvas to deliver your online course and you have enrolled using MyPortal, you will be able to login to your course on the first day of the quarter or whenever your instructor starts the course.


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  • Take a readiness assessment to see if online learning is for you
  • Browse the online course listing
  • Learn what degrees may be earned online
  • Apply and register
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  • How to use Etudes and Canvas as your online classroom
  • Your responsibilities as an online instructor
  • What actions need to be taken throughout the quarter
  • How to update Course Info website
  • Free teaching resources


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